Guess What?! ( not a chapter )

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I am a so PO right now. Fire-trucking Wattpad decided to fuc# with my story! Ya it was Forced into this, (mumbles) frick frick frick! But do not worry my Awesome friends... i got a plan. If I can get 20+ on this chapter I will rewrite that book, 'cause I'm just like that!! Oh! and if you don't know Mikey Bolts, well then... FIRE-TRUCK YOU!!! and then go look him up on that YouTube girl... to me he's funny as neck!- CRAP... getting off topic here.

Okay so ya, look him up, do some votes on here, hey, you know what? just grab a large tub of ice cream and just shove your mouth with it while pressing vote on this and on his channel.... or channels (cause he has two)


So while we are on this topic, let's just say hmmmm if you read my next Guess What = authors note, it will have all the Times I will update and shitz like that.... I hope all of you still love meeeeeeee...?? No, okay. well I still love all you guys cause you stuck with me through firetrucken stupid fuck shit (excuse my French, even though we all know that it's not butter.... see what I did there??? :) hehe).

But yes, you guys and your comments and votes just make me so happy, I hope all of you will still stick with me....

p.s. New books might be coming out.

love always and forever,

Awesome 177

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