?Intro: Welcome To Bangtan?

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Another new story. Let's hope I don't take this one down after a few days of it being up. Lol.

So this is basically a radio AU that was inspired by this fan art from (I think) ArtofEnnun.
Gloss is the afternoon to late night host and Runch Randa is the morning to mid day counterpart host.
If anyone asks why I'm using these names- it's simple:

They're the original stage names. Yes they're still RM and Suga. But I like their OGs so I'm using them.

Gloss is this late night radio host who reviews music and plays some of his tracks as well as other no-name, unrecognized or not-as-popular artists he discovered in the gorgeous ass crack spiral of YouTube recommended.

Jimin is one of his many loyal fans who listens so long as he's on. He- just like all the others- is in love with the voice of Gloss and lives and breaths just to hear it.
Nobody knows what this heavenly sounding radio caster looks like so everything's left up to their imagination.
To say the least they have high expectations.

I do not own any of these songs and I will be crediting the artists and giving the song names in every chapter.

Hopefully you'll all like it and give it love and cuddles and shit.

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