Flavor of Fear Part 2

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 In a world full of action and reaction, change is the most predictable thing

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 In a world full of action and reaction, change is the most predictable thing. Without friction, without opposing forces–life is stagnant. The Agent was more than happy to take part in the game of life. Her naked body stretched over a metal table. Her skin gleamed in the light, beads of sweat running across her trembling body. Vulnerable like a fawn caught in a hunter's trap, waiting to die, her eyes were wide. The Agent chose scarlet restraints to match the thread of life.

"The fine velvet I have placed you in–must feel like a soft kiss. Do not mistake it for a breakable bond. You are mine now."

The Agent traced with a finger from the crown of her head down the center of her face; then, all the way down to her navel. Her breathing was shallow. That day's catch had pendulous breasts, a large waist, and an overall thick figure. Her body evoked the thought of procreation, like an ancient goddess figurine. The Agent traced circles around her navel. Her sea of energy churned. The Agent could feel the lines of her energetic body - branches responding to every touch. Her energy vibrated throughout her entire body. The Agent's touch was like waves across her form. A fine instrument she was, for pleasure.

"My name is Yelena." Her eyes creased in her anger.

"So you've read my mind? Funny thing, isn't it? How a telepath can become so–violated?" The Agent waved a hand over her nude spread-eagled state. The assault was, refined, like art.

"What do you want with me?" Yelena said in an even voice. Her fear could be tasted in delectable waves.

The Agent licked lips, "I am sure by now you've figured out I also have abilities. Why attack my own when 'we' are so outnumbered?" Neglecting to answer the question so accurately predicted, The Agent continued, "What to do with this vulnerable female body?"

Yelena's eyes flared; delicate about being called weak. The Agent could feel Yelena pushing against the psychic barriers around the room. Helplessly trying to find a weak spot to call for help. The Agent smiled, there was no escape.

"Aren't you proud of your work?"

The woman was smart. However, she was wrong in assuming The Agent was crazed or committing these crimes out of pride for some deluded plan. That was a human aim. "I see now why you have been named. I am sure you will prove to be the best I've had in some time. That is a compliment I rarely give the women on my table."

Yelena had spent all her life reading minds and watching faces on those skilled enough to hide their thoughts. Her face shifted from anger to abject horror. She knew what her death would be.

"Oh, come now. I am not the monster you make me out to be. You have not been disrespectful so I will be gentle." A low rumble came from The Agent's stomach. "Now, to perform my duties."

Yelena struggled, attempting to free herself of her restraints. "If I am so brilliant, why not let me live?"

The Agent leaned over her body placing one hand on her forehead and the other on her navel. "Unfortunately, that is precisely why I must take you." Yelena gasped and tried to bite at The Agent's arm, but it was out of her reach. "No one has ever escaped. If you struggle it will hurt."

At first, the screams rang through the room. Fear and pain drenched the space like liquid gold. The Agent licked lips, the energy a delicacy in its purity. The strength of her will flowing like a river into The Agent's body. When she weakened, her gaping mouth let out barely a whisper—her eyes wide. Yelena had erroneously thought she would be raped physically. She realized as she felt her soul ripped before its time—there were worse forms of torture. She tried hard to concentrate feelings into her body. To lodge some sort of record within her. She did not know if it would work. However, if she used her strength to feed The Agent's whim. Certain pockets of her feelings and thoughts might be missed. The Agent smiled knowing her thoughts. Yelena began to let go of her fear. Her eyes staring at the white ceiling she felt as though she were floating. May the divine bring this creature to justice. She had been agnostic all her life but hoped that somehow this prayer would be heard. Blackness grew at the edges of her sight. She could no longer feel her body. As the last of her sight left her. She felt herself enter a large gaping hole. Her consciousness lost in a void.

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