Chapter 1

The Ones That Almost Got Away

Lucas was in the train sitting with his mom, little sister and Aaron. They sat quietly on either side of him. He felt happy to be going home. After the problem he and Aaron had, home was the only place he wanted to be. Nothing happened to him before, like that. Lucas still felt stressed. He had his music on, but nothing. Still felt stress. He pulled out his phone and texted Aaron, despite he was next to him. 

Hey! Wats Up?

Nuttin. HBU? I c u u kno

Yeh but you wnt hear me if i talk

yeh ur right. lol i barely hear anyway

well how freaky was that huh?

IKR? His more freaky and betta tricks off stage i guess

wat do u think he wanted?


dammit... we're goin in a tunnel. TYL

TYL bro... BTW dnt wrry about it. jus forget it

Aaron's right, Lucas thought. He just looked out the window and watched the train descend underground in seconds. 

"Are you gonna hang out more?" Lucas's mom leaned over and said close to his ear.

"NO! Uh... we're tired. We're just gonna play video games in my room and stuff."

"Okay." She turned to his sister, Sady. She looked happy suddenly and giggled. Their mom ran her fingers through her dark brown hair. 

Lucas kept listening to his music. He felt like the train took forever to get back. He turned his head to Aaron and he was also listening to music. He looked at his mom and little sister and they were staring blankly at their reflection in the window, while watching the lights in the tunnel go by. Lucas turned his head to see a lady stare at him for a second and turn her head forward. Lucas stared at her for a minute to annoy her, but she ignored him. Lucas shrugged and turned back. Then he saw a man staring at him and turned. Lucas began to feel paranoid when he turned to see the same lady turn away. Then the man looked at Aaron, so did the lady. Lucas noticed someone bending forward from the other side of his mom, also looking at him. Lucas turned and he sat back. One of the women standing in front of the door on the other side stared at them as well while she sat down in a chair diagonal from them. Two others that were sitting next to each other stared at Aaron. Lucas tapped on his shoulder. Aaron turned. For a second he realized why he lost his ex girl friend to him. Aaron's green eyes is a topic girls talk about at lunch. Aaron flipped his sandy colored hair and gave Lucas an expression that read, what? Lucas got his phone out and Aaron sighed.

There r ppl looking at us!

Ur bein paranoid again.

No! I mean it.

I dnt see anyone looking at us. Jus relax.


Aaron didn't respond. Lucas sighed. He tried to relax. He looked at his converse. He still felt the people's eyes looking at him. He turned to his mom.

"Mom." He said.


"How many more stops again?"

"Next one. It's the last one." Thank God, he whispered to himself. Aaron still didn't notice one thing. Lucas just stared at him, wondering why he didn't notice anything. Aaron notices and finds every note in a song or typo in writing. Lucas felt jealous that Aaron had creative ability. All I can do is skateboard, he thought. The train halted and Lucas was happy to see the doors slide open. He got up after his mom and sister. As he was about to get off, the doors shut right onto his hand. He pulled but felt the door close tighter each time he tried. He screamed with pain.