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Her hair wasn't brushed and her face was bare.
With an oversized shirt with a blue plaid print and dark black leggings, she was comfortable, happy.
The sun was setting and their corner on the beach was settling down, the soft waves of the ocean could be heard along with the booming barks of their dog.
The golden lab, young and free, brought a stick to the young woman.
A faint laugh slips from her lips as she picks up the dogs stick.
She runs a few steps, the dog at her side, and she throws the stick into the blue flowing water, the dog quick to jump after it.
Everything seems normal but the truth is it's a little strange.
So strange because she doesn't think there's anything special in this picture perfect view.
Without her makeup and perfect outfits, what really is there to see?
But if only she knew that right there and then, I wished my eyes were a camera, to capture the perfect beauty before me.
It's a view you never expect to see, something so pure and beautiful it seems impossible to ever be real. But here I was, seeing it for myself.
The setting sun lit up her blonde curling hair that fell where it wished.
Her shirt that was too big felt relaxed and natural, she was perfectly comfortable, something that made her eyes glow and each movement she made was graceful, free.
Every little thing, from her small feat to the freckles on her face, was beautiful beyond any words I've ever heard.
Beyond the most beautiful sunrise and the most breathtaking waterfall, nothing would compare to this. Nothing would come close to seeing this marvelous moment.
This moment of pure, raw, wonderful, loving, true beauty.
Something so rare that a part of you sinks once it's gone, because you know you may never see something like that again.
Something that catches your eye in the most breathtaking way.
Something you wish more than anything you could make stay.

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