Chapter Two.

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                                              Chapter Two - Worry.  &  Over thinking.

Frank massaged his temples, and flicked the ash onto the red vinyl table-top. "I don't know Gee. I'm just worried about her. I mean, what if things go wrong between them? I don't think Holly can handle having another breakdown, or being suicidal again. I don't even know wether I could handle it myself."

"Relax Franke. They've been together for five years now. I know Mikey, he'll take care of her and he always had. She's not five anymore Frank. She's twenty-two. Just, chill." Gerard resaured his friend, tapping Frank's arm and reaching for his pack of cigarettes with his free hand.

"I know that Gee. I trust Mikey, it's just I don't want her getting hurt again. You know how.." Frank trailed off, moving his hands about. "How, fragile Holly is with things like this. It's just what if, the worst thing phsyically possible happened?" Frank followed Gerard's hand bringing the cigarette to pursed lips, and producing a lighter out of fucking nowhere.

"Jesus Christ Frankie. You stress to much. I'm perfectly aware that everyone out there wants our heads on a silver platter, but she's twenty-two. He's thirty. They're not kids anymore. We're all perfectly aware of what's out there."


Mikey always loved the rush that shooting that last Drac gave him, it was like a shot of adrenaline. It made his head buzz like he was high. Either that or he's stayed out in the sun too long. Ray was working on how to dislodge a long-forgotten spare raygun. They were close to hitting the redline, and Holly knew that Gerard would probably murder her if she brought the Trans-Am back without any fuel; but even with the risk of a bitchy Gerard, she was enjoying herself for the first time since her breakdown a couple of months ago. She'd had some of the happiest times of her life in the past five years, she trusted Mikey with her life. More often than anyone else he'd been the one that had talked her out of taking her own life. They'd all been through some dark times. Gerard was still proud of the fact he hadn't touched a drop of alcohol in seven years. When she first started dating Mikey she was a wreck. She spent more time skipping school, and drowning everything wrong in her life with alcohol, than she did in school. And more time blocking out the fact her mother was on the verge of a breakdown herself, by getting high. But let's face it. None of them were exactly model citizens.

"Holly. Holly. Are you okay?" Mikey asked her, snapping her back to reality. She had a habit of zoning out.

She shook her head, regaining focus. "Yeah. I'm fine. I was just, thinking." she replied simply. Mikey dismissed her comment with a shake of his head.

"Don't lie to me Holly. I know you too well." He sniffed airly, staring at her.

"Even I could tell you were lying. Sorry Holly, but you're a seriously bad liar." Ray cut in, still trying to dislodge the spare raygun.

Holly smiled to herself as she moved a hand to crank the gear lever so that she didn't blow the engine. Mikey laced his fingers with hers.

"I know you're not fine." He whispered.

"Fine. I'm just, worried." She admitted.