The Creation of Prophet Adam

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BismiLlahir Rahmaanir Raheem

         Before the creation of mortal, Almighty Allah (jalla wa 'ala) directed all the angels ('alayhi sallam) to assemble. Thousands upon thousands of angels (created from light) and jinns (created from smokeless fire) gathered in groups. They bowed respectfully in the presence of Almighty Allah. The Creator (tabaarak wa ta'ala) of the  universe declared that he intended to create the man and sought their counsel. The angels ('alayhi sallam) and Iblis (satan) disapproved the idea and pointed out that human beings would cause disorder on the earth. They would make mischief and shed blood indiscriminately. The Holy Qur'an gives a description of this event in the following verses:

       "And when your Lord said to the angels: I am about to appoint a vicegerent in the earth. They said: will You place therein such as will cause disorder in it or shed blood? We celebrate your praise and extol Your holy names. He answered: I know what you know not"  ~(2:30)

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