Chapter one

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"Left! Right! Tuck Swing!"

I swung my left arm which followed my right trying to make contact with the person face that I was fighting. The pack was training like we always do at 5oclock in the morning. Only the Alpha, Beta and the best warriors are training. And I and I am none of the above, but I am the Alpha's daughter so the Alpha allows it but he also allows it because I'm his only daughter of 4 boys and the youngest child so he wants me to be able to protect myself. 

I was fighting with my 2nd oldest brother at the front of the group of warriors. 

"Harper, round kick, try and hit my shoulder."  I stopped jabbing his abs and looked at him dumbfounded, "Noah you are 6'4, my leg won't reach to your shoulder."

He laughed and shook his head,  "Harper just try."  I prepared my body to push my 5 ft frame to kick his 6'4 shoulder. I pushed my leg up and just as it was about to make contact Noah grabbed my foot and pulled my body from underneath me and I landed directly on my back.

I groaned from the pain of landing on my back "Noah, why tell me to round kick your shoulder if you were going to stop me before I even touched your shoulder." 

He reached out his hand and I took it then forced him to the ground before pinning his shoulder round his back and rolling him to lie on his stomach before jabbing my knee into his side. He hissed at the pressure that I was applying to his ribs. I let my grip loosen and eventually took my grip off his arm and pressure on his ribs completely. 

Noah rolled over and sat up and I sat opposite him with my legs crossed twiddling my thumbs, I watched as the other warriors followed my father's instructions while Noah and I sat taking a break. 

"Harper, I need to tell you something." I took my attention from the warrior's actions and directed it towards my brother, a small smile making its way onto my face.

"Everything okay?"  He nodded and a smile forcefully formed onto his mouth,  the forced smile sent alarm bells ringing in my head. 
"Noah, is everything alright?"  He stood up and towered over my small form, reaching out his hand to bring me to my feet. 
"Harper, I'm joining the Alpha Kings Guard, it's not official yet, but I have to go away for a year for training." 

I just looked at him shocked, Noah out of all my brothers was the one I was closest to. A lump forming in my throat at the thought of not being able to see him or speak to him for a year. The Kings Guard were known for their ruthless training and forcing those who want to defend the king alpha to cut all ties with their family for a year. 

"When do you leave?" He looked down, avoiding eye contact with me mumbling something under his breath that any human would have missed. I just caught it with Werewolf hearing.

"You leave on Saturday!" I roared. I could sense everyone around me stop. I could hear the murmurs of the surrounding warriors and my father stood in his place watching the scene between his children unfold.  I heard in the far distance my father's voice murmuring to my older brother, the future Alpha. 

"I guess he finally told her."  My head whipped around faster than speed. "You knew, did everyone know?" I growled at my father, I could sense the shock and uncomfortable aroma surrounding the field. 

"Harper." Noah placed his hand on my shoulder "It's only a year calm down." 
"A year without talking to you, seeing you, have you heard about how they train the wolves in the king's guard, five wolves died last year at the hands of the Alpha King for being weak, what if that happens to you? Why do you want to join  the guard, why you want to leave me?" 

I felt tears threatening to spill. Noah stepped forward and I stepped backwards "you leave tomorrow, today is Friday why didn't you tell me when you knew you got accepted into the king's guard." 

I walked away from my brother and the rest of the pack warriors and directed myself toward the far east of the forest. 

I heard the sound of the east waterfall knowing that I was near the entrance of the forest. Our pack was the biggest pack and our land was even bigger, but the alpha king ruled over every pack in the world and was feared and hated by many but loved by so much more. He was never seen in the day and the people that trained for him were forced to hand in their phone so that no pictures were taken of the Alpha King. A story goes that he has one single portrait painted of himself hanging in a single room in the palace walls that he will reveal to his mate, the future Luna Queen.

People just think he is ugly and the fact that he never left his house but only in the dark is making believe he is. He has reigned since his 18th birthday which was 3 years ago, at the age of 21 he still has not been seen, saving himself for his mate.

I kept walking, the waterfall now in sight. The translucent waters trickling down from the rocks into a deep pool of blue. The early sunrise beginning to make its way through the vegetation, the sun rays hitting the water making it look like diamonds in the depth of the lake. 

I perched on the side of the waterfall taking off my shoes and socks before dipping my feet into the cold water. It was refreshing and soothed the aches forming in my feet. 

My brother was leaving to train with the most ruthless monster that I have ever heard of and I knew he would win his place and stay and I doubt I would ever see him again. I should be happy for him and deep down I am but right now the thought of losing my brother is breaking my heart.

The tears that  I had been keeping trapped not letting fall, finally fell. I wiped away the dropping tears when I heard a snap behind me, my wolf taking over half of my senses ready to attack. 

"Harp, where are you?" My wolf started to calm down and retreat knowing that it was my older brother. I didn't reply but eventually, he found me by the waterfall, I looked at the water ignoring him as he sat down next to me. 

"He wanted to tell you, he just didn't know how, none of us knew how you would take it, mum, dad, Jayden or charlie. Noah didn't want to upset you but he knew he would have to tell you eventually, I mean we didn't think he would wait till the day before, but dad is talking to him now about that." 

I continued to ignore my oldest brother and moved my legs within the water kicking the water up onto the edge of the rocks. I wiped a hand over my face and breathed out heavily. 

"I understand " I murmured under my breath "it just took me by surprise. What's going to happen to him, what if all the stories we have heard about the Alpha King are true." 

I looked up from my the lake with tear stained cheeks and stared at my older brother Drew, he just shrugged at my comment. 

"If they are true, then we just gotta hope that all the training we have done after the years helps Noah, but also mean if it is true that if he get top warrior that the royal guards pay this pack a visit and you never know the King might join his guards that time." 

I shrugged and let out a single breath laugh. 

"I highly doubt that." 

I was wrong.


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