A Profile of Wattpad, A Profile of Us!

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Everyone's got a user profile. It's what everyone checks out when they're trying to decide who to follow on Wattpad. But how much do you know about Wattpad itself?

In this update of Cracking the Wattpad Code, I'd like to present an analysis of Wattpad.com itself. Understanding Wattpad and it's audience: you and me and everyone else that visits it, is crucial to success on Wattpad.

Full disclosure up front. Anything I say here comes from demographic and geographic data from audience measurement websites. I use a combination of Quantcast.com and Alexa.com. 

First off, let's mention the fact that Wattpad is a baby no longer. It's traffic is massive! Wattpad receives a staggering 109.1MM unique visitors per month. 36.1 MM of that is in the United States alone. That US traffic metric alone is enough to put Wattpad in the top 35 spot of all US websites:


That means Wattpad receives more US visits than the New York Times, CNN.com and Time.com! Matter of fact, if you combined the traffic of cnn.com and time.com, the combined traffic wouldn't be much more than Wattpad's traffic! Go Wattpad! If you're a US visitor, let's do what we can to raise Wattpad's rankings! :D

The International picture is a little murkier. Wattpad's global rank is 2,026 according to Alexa.com.

Total Traffic by Country

Here's a list of Wattpad's Traffic broken down as a percentage of visitors:

Country                                Percent of Visitors          

United States    19.7%

India                      16.8%

Philippines          9.3%

United Kingdom               3.5%

Canada                 3.3%

Pakistan               3.3%

Indonesia            3.2%

Turkey                  3.1%     

Vietnam                               2.7%     

Argentina            2.6%

What does this mean for us? Well, we know about US traffic, but can we perhaps focus on and exploit the massive audiences in India and the Philippines? Why are those two countries so high? That's real simple. Those two countries have a large, english speaking audience that really benefits from Wattpad's "free" model. Wattpad's model of providing free books for countries with a very high english literacy rate and for whom buying a good book is still very much a luxury translates into a massive opportunity!

Don't believe me? Check out this user: 


Does anyone else know someone with 302K followers? I'm not going to get into Denny's story here, you can probably Google it yourselves. Suffice it to say she is an amazing Wattpad success that not many of us know of! At this time, I do not have a user from India with those numbers. Perhaps my Indian readers can help me post some of those stats? The Indian audience is massive! It almost rivals the American audience!

Readers vs Writers

Here's a breakout of Wattpad's audience of readers vs writers:

<1 % Addicts

24% Regulars

76% Passers-By

What does this mean? Well, let's say the 1% are Addicts. That's everyone reading this book. Why's that? Because we're the writers. You know, the ones that care about the reads, ranks, votes and comments! 

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