Win That Click!

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Darnit, this was supposed to be a Youtube update, but for some reason my recording software wasn't cooperating, and it's been such a perfect weekend so far that I'm not gonna spend time trying to figure out why. :D

First off, Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there. I've had a blast so far this weekend. We took our four-year old to the beach yesterday (he loves the water), and today, well, the family's decided to leave Dad alone and go off somewhere. So I fired up the ole' smoker and I've got some brisket, turkey legs, shrimp, and later on, skirt steak that I'll just put on the grill. You can't beat that! :)

Since I'm waiting for the good stuff to smoke and come out just perfect, I decided to make an update because damn, Wattpad really does a real number on this book if I don't update. For instance, if I don't update within a week, it goes from #15 on the Hot List, to complete and utter nothingness. :(

But that's ok. It's not like I really care about getting this book to rank.

Ok, long intro, but this is a pretty useful chapter, trust me!

So, let's recap a few things. We know that we have to update every five days. To be honest, I have a new secret formula I haven't told anyone about, but it's mostly because it's still experimental, but it's done really well for me, it's just that it's not 100% solid and I only share stuff that works for sure. P.S. If you want to know about the secret formula, just PM me. I'll tell you :)

Anyway, I digress.

So, we know about the five day update that grants us priority on  "Stories You Might Enjoy" (SYME). We also know that in order to get the most reads, we want to maximize the number of eyeballs on our story. That means updating on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Friday is best because that is the start of the big weekend wave where traffic is highest on Wattpad. Caveat to this: if you're trying to rank on the hot list, you're gonna have to do more than just update on a Friday. You might have to switch to the five-day-update or to my new secret (if I can get it to work 100%).

Now here's the kicker. 

None of what I said matters, if you don't WIN THE CLICK.

Wait, what? Mike, you just told me to update every five days, and I do that. Matter of fact, I even go out of my way to make sure that my updates fall on Friday.


What gives? This is all smoke and mirrors! You're lying!!!

Trust me, I'm not. 

Here's what's going on.

I never said that updating every five days guarantees you a spot on the Hot List. All I said was that it guarantees a spot on SYME. And I did say you do get priority on SYME.

So what's going on then? Why aren't you still ranking?

Well, in truth, it's because you aren't WINNING THE CLICK.

Ok, Mike, you've talked about that several times now and I'm intrigued. What the heck does that mean?

Here's what it means.

When you update (once a week on Friday, every five days, or using my new secret formula), Wattpad gives you priority on SYME. BUT it does not guarantee you a spot on the Hot List. Here's what really happens when you get priority:

For the first four to five days, Wattpad will show your story more often to readers who are interested in your genre. Now here's the important thing to realize. When you get presented to a potential reader, you have a ONE in FOUR chance (less if you're on mobile), of getting a reader's attention. 

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