Chapter 2: The Start

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Y/n Pov:

"Master? It's time to wake up.."

My eyes fluttered open to see that butler above me, I rubbed my eyes to see him better then I sighed and snuggled into the soft covers. Where am I? My eyes suddenly got wide and I sat up quickly.

"Wha..?" I looked at the butler. He set down a set of clothes on the bed before pulling the sheets off me.

"We're at the manor I was talking about master." He answered at my confusion. I then calmed and nodded before stretching and letting my legs dangle off the side of the huge bed.

"Ya,I never got your name." I stated while crossing my arms.

"I never got you're name either."

"You came up to me though."

"Very well,my name is Claude Faustus and what would the name of my beloved master be?"

"Y/n..." I said softly. He raised an eyebrow.

"No last name?"he questioned. I sighed and shook my head no.

"My mom died when I was 5 and my dad abandoned me before I was born, I can't remember what my last name was..."I said sadly while looking down at my ragged clothes I was still in since we met.

"Very tragic,did you not have any brothers or sisters?"he asked.

I nodded,"I had one older brother but he left and was later pronounced dead from a fight,we saw the body.." The sudden memory brought tears to my eyes but he couldn't see thank God, I blinked them away quickly before looking up at him as he began to talk again.

"I'm sorry for your loss but today you need a bath, when was the last time you had one?"

"A few weeks ago in the rain,no soap or anything.."

He hummed as a response before walking to the bathroom that was built inside my bedroom,"Come this way now master."
I got off the bed and followed behind him, he had grabbed the folded up clothes from th e bed and placed them on the smooth and cold counter before shutting the door behind us and locking it. My heart raced a bit, I wasn't fond of being in a room with someone and not being able to ascape but then I remembered our contract and quickly cooled down. He made the agreements to protect me and listen to me so that he'll do, he's already referring to me as "master."

"Now master, I will have to bathe you now so do-"

"Why master?"I questioned,cutting him off. He simply stared at me before pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Sorry for cutting you off.."I apologized quickly",but why master?"

"Do you not like me calling you master?"he questioned while looking me in the eye.

"I don't care but I would rather be called something else..."I said while playing with my fingers.
He smiled lightly at me,"and what would that be?"

"Tokki (토끼)."I stated," It's Korean for "bunny" and my mother would call me that all the time. She would always say stuff like,"It's okay my little Tokki," or  "Come here young Tokki!"

"Very well,I shall call you Tokki, my young Tokki.." He said softly as his deep voice echoed the bathroom. It made me smile and feel safe, I walked towards him.

"Now what were you saying about bathing me?"

He nodded,"yes, I'll be bathing you daily unless there is a problem with that,I have hired a female servant...?"he questioned. I shook me head no,"im a boy so it's better for me with another male and someone I know more."
He nodded before explaining my morning routine to me once again,I complied with everything before we started my bath. It was quite awkward at first as my shirt was removed to reveal a few cuts here and there that I didnt like on my body but he stopped and began to put bubbles into the running water,the bubbles evolved into more and soon enough it was time for my bath. He removed my trousers and underware and noticed my discomfort and quickly placed me into the tub since I wouldnt budge.The water was warm and felt nice on my dirty skin.

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