Chapter Six

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A/N- Same warning as chapter four...

Fitz looked extremely tense after describing my clothing. Biana and I had planned his dare together, specifically choosing my post makeover clothes to be very revealing. The outfit showed more of my chest than I would normally feel comfortable showing, but it got the job done. I looked down at my chest and smiled, blonde curles falling over my shoulders to hide some of the showing skin.
My mind was still open to his, and I could hear fragments his frantic thoughts.
Messed it up...
She doesn't love me...
I've wrecked everything...
I looked at him and smiled again.
Fitz, stop.
His eyes widened.
Stop what?
Thinking like that. You haven't messed anything up. I... Ever since I first saw you at the museum I have had a crush on you, so don't you ever think that I don't return your feelings.
Sophie I-
Come on, we can talk later. Let's continue with the game.

I was amazed. Trying to stop myself from running to Sophie and kissing her was like trying to get Verdi to eat someting new.
I took a deep breath and looked back at the rest of the group.


t was late, at eventually we decided to go to bed. We had been playing for a long time, ant thankfully things hadn't gotten thant intense like Truth or dare usually did.
We were all sleeping in my sister's room that night, so we made our way across the hall to her room. Sophie’s bag was already dumped on the floor next to the wall, so I placed my small bundle next to it.
I smiled at her, and she smiled back.
'Okay, here's how this is going to work.' Biana said. 'Boys, go back to Fitz’s room to change. Soph and I will stay here.
Keefe made pouty (Is that a word?) face and trailed out of the room. I lauged and followed him, Dex not far behind.

A/N- Ahhh, so sorry I left you on a cliffhanger! The next chapter will be up soon.

Also, what do you guys think of the poin of views? Should I have more Sophie POV or keep it mostly in Fitz’s perspective? Let me know what you think


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