Zayn malik - New kid

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Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik is a new kid in town.

he moves in right next door to you.

You guys live in a apartment.

You sit on the steps outside because

you got a text from your boyfriend saying

he want to break up with you.

He then calls you to tell you that it’s

official it’s over.

Zayn comes out of the apartment

seeing you on the steps.

He sits down next to you.

“Vas Happening!”

He says with a little chuckle.

You don't answer him.

“You okay love?” He asks.

You look up at him noticing he’s staring right into your eyes.

“Just a break up, My Boy- Ex Boyfriend called me and

said we were over.”

You couldn't help to cry.

Zayn lifts your face.

“Look at me. I know I just met you, but I think that any

guy would be stupid enough to date you.”

He laughs in your face and runs into his house.

“Whats so funny?” Someone asks him as he closes

the door. “Harry you’ll never believe who is outside!”

“Who?” Harry asked.

“Your ex.” They both laughed and walked in the

kitchen to make some tea.

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