Welcome To Westwood

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"Stay out of trouble." My older brother, Andy, warns me.

"When am I ever in trouble?" I question with an innocent look on my face, opening the car door and putting my feet out.

"I'm serious." Andy says, grabbing my forearm and pulling me back into the car. "This is a new town and a new start. You should take this as an opportunity to get a new reputation, follow the rules for once."

"Rules are made to be broken." I eye roll pulling my arm free and stepping out the car.


"I get it, okay?" I interrupt so I don't get a lecture, shutting the door. "I'll be on my best behaviour."

"Good." He smiles before driving into the parking lot.

I told him to let me out first so we didn't have to walk into school together and so people didn't associate us with one another because we could not be more different but I guess talking to him right then may have jeopardised that.

Strutting into school I expect to see the stereotypical high school students on the way in: there's the nerds and gamers, the populars which mainly consist of the jocks and cheerleaders, the horny virgins that you can spot a mile away, the stoners and alcoholics, the actual nice people which sometimes associate with the quiet ones and my personal favourite, the troublemakers.

I walk into the main office and collect my timetable, the woman asks me a few questions before saying the rehearsed line. "... and welcome to Westwood."

I nod and fold my time table before sliding it into my pocket, walking through the doors and into the loud school I instantly spot some of the stereotypes.

"Hello." A preppy and cheerful voice says from my left.

"Um hi." I reply.

"I'm Valery, but you can call me Val if you want, you're the new girl right?" She asks, keeping a very wide smile on her face.

"Yup." I answer. "Let me guess, you're going to show me around?"

"Is that a problem?" Val questions.

"No." I reply. "Just predictable." I add in a very muttered voice.

"I'll show you to your locker."


Following Val through the hallways she blabbers on about the students but I kind of tune out half way and listen to the music coming in from my right earphone as my left one dangles over my shoulder.

"Here it is." She says, presenting the locker as if it's a Lamborghini.

Opening the locker I see all the books I would need for the rest of my time here organised and packed in already. "Are my classes with you?" I ask her.

"Most of them." She replies. "I believe we have math, French, science and art class together as well as gym and history."

"Cool." I say, stuffing a few of the books into my bag.

"I like your hair by the way." She says.

"What, brown?" I question.

"I guess."

"Well in my old school it was black with streaks of purple and green in it but this school is a little more strict on that sort of stuff." I explain.

Suddenly, the double doors at the front of the hall burst open and a group of lads come waltzing in, nudging and pushing each other as they laugh. "They're the jocks, right?" I question.

"How'd you know?"

"I'm good at this sort of stuff." I reply. "And the matching jock jackets."

"If I were you I'd stay clear of them, they like to have their fun with girls." Val warns.

"Well I like to have my fun with jocks." I smirk as they walk closer.

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