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“wahahahahahahahahha.... bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.....” here she goes again, whit her infinity laugh.

“ohh... common dahlia, i want to go home early. I still have a date.” I told her to excuse myself from this humiliation. Who the heck did thought of this crazy tongue twisters anyway?

“weeehhh?? May date ka?! Sino kaya ang nabola mo?” she is still smiling at me, as if she’s teasing me. I just rolled my eyes and ready to walked out the door. Then, suddenly, she grabbed the my shirt.

“joke lang. Ito talaga napakapikon. Lika na nga at ipagpatuloy natin itong sinasabi mong joketime” she started to mimick me. I just rolled my eyes and removed her hands from my shirt. I can still hear her giggling. I seated on the dining table and studied the tongue twisters in tagalog.

“mi-minikanikow, ni mownikow eng meynika ng makina ni mownica.” I read soflty, i know that she’s staring at me trying to hold her laughter.

*dahlia, i love you

Dahlia, i love you*

Now it’s my turn to laugh. only crazy persons will record the voice of her boyfriend and make it their ringtone. Well, that answers the question. She’s crazy.

“ga-ganun ba? Si-sige. Bye i” i got curious because, it’s like she got disappointed to whoever is on the other line.

“hey, look at your face.” She’s really frowning. And i think she is really disappointed.

“tigilan mo ako spring panget ka ha. Haaayyyyssss....” wooooaaaaahhhh!! For the first time, she called me with my first name?! Unbelievable.

“smile, dahlia. Frowning makes you uglier.” I then stuck out my tongue. What surprised me a lote, is that she didn’t response to me. She’s really iddling.

I grabbed her hands and dragged her out of her condo.

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