Chapter XLIX

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"That was truly invigorating, I did not take you for the dancing type," Henry said wiping the sweat off his forehead

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"That was truly invigorating, I did not take you for the dancing type," Henry said wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"Well if I am not being watched by dozens of people then dancing is quite enjoyable."

"Should I apologize for staring at you then?"

"I... Um."

"Should we go out riding before dinner?"


"Dancing after dinner in the kitchen?"



"I will see you for dinner."

"Lady Alice what is the matter with dancing? Or riding? Surely you see nothing wrong with the activities, or was I a bad dancing partner?"

"No you were quite good."


"Mr. Henry I am already being talked about..."


"Because of my close friendship with Lord Joseph, and now with you."

"We have a close friendship?"

"No I meant we should not fuel talks of the sort."

"That is how our society works so if you are to deny me of your presence I would rather it be because you dislike me not because on the account of others, so do you dislike me? Or may I entertain you for a while longer before you are done with me?"

"Mr. Henry..."

"Riding or dancing?" I debated on the answer then began to think why would I be excluding myself from knowing other gentlemen? What reason did I have for pushing Mr. Henry away? Mr. Howard? No he did not deserve any kind of sacrifice on my part.

"I will go walking in the gardens alone after tea to read my book."

"Then I wish you a lovely stroll Lady Alice," Mr. Henry kissed my hand and went on his way while I went outdoors.

After everyone was done with the tennis game, all the ladies headed inside for afternoon tea while the men stayed with each other's company in another room. The gossip was plenty and during their chatter I exited with Miss Lilly who wished to rest before dinner except when we got upstairs I waved her goodbye, got my book inside my bedchamber and went into the gardens alone.

"Hiding I see," Mr. Henry said about me sitting on the floor by some bushes that kept me out of sight.

"No simply reading," I raised my book.

"And was it that you're reading?" Mr. Henry took a seat next to me and leaned his head towards the book.

"Uh Evans."

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