Chapter LVIII

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Mr. Henry and Lady Walker were taken through a house tour and began to see how Lady Walker enjoyed being distracted by the pretty things; it was much harder for me to ignore reality than it was for her as she did not even touch the subject of my mother's bad disposition once more. Distracted unlike me, I saw she took great pride in her personal appearance; her clothes were of thick embroidered fabrics, I could not remember even Lady Thomas being this objective about her wardrobe. Lady Walker wore a rich brooch on her outfit while showing her array of knowledge on the old pieces in my grandfather's country home; she marveled at them and tolerated my ignorance in the process.

"Oh yes this is a good thing, your garden has been kept the same way it's always been," Lady Walker said knowing the intimacies of the house well.

This part of the garden we walked through was a tall stone structure outdoors with not much use other than to be an old gate and two different smaller spaces which connected to the high gates; it was so old that the Stewart crest and words above it could barely be seen.

"Virescit Vulnere Virtus," Lady Walker read it perfectly in Latin, "courage grows stronger at a wound, a very noble crest from a very noble family."

"Forgive me Lady Walker but did you know my grandparents well?"

"Yes I suppose one can say that, my family spent a couple of summers here."

"I did say our grandfathers knew each other well," Mr. Henry confirmed the connection.

Lady Walker then opened the door of the smaller space on the left and stepped inside to find that many scattered leaves on the floor hid a fake floor underneath it.

"See this floor, it is a door, and it leads right back into your house, it's how the house survived enemy attacks, in times of war."

"I never knew," I followed her story like a mesmerized child, she was even of a more mellow mood now, "did you know my father then?"

"Yes I knew him."

"Lady Alice you have an interesting home to say the least but I am ready to go inside and get ready for dinner, mother?" Mr. Henry asked having had enough of her enthusiastic walk through though I was curious to get more out of her.

"Yes let us go back inside," Lady Walker agreed and he walked back with her while Edna and I walked behind both questioning Lady Walker's history.

Dinner was mostly about Lady Walker talking of London news, who was out in the last season and how I left it unfinished she pointed it was not a good thing though everyone just expected my absence after my sister's death.

"Miss Campbell refuses to marry Sir Arthur during the cold seasons and insists on waiting for flowers, everything must be exactly how she wants but if it were me after such luck considering the disparity between her and Sir Arthur I would not take too long," Lady Walker said.

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