Intro-sort of

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Lately I haven't given my trust to anybody, not even to carl.

I've done something wrong and don't know how to solve it.

   I'm dealing with depression, and depression for me includes drugs.

As the night goes on I look across the window of carls room and get up from his bed with out waking him up. 

the floor squeaks as I tip toe making me flinch and slowly turn my head to see if he woke up.

realizing that he didn't I breathe of relief.

swinging my leg out the window and the other, I look back "Bye carl" a single tear slides down my cheek.

looking away I drop myself and covered my mouth to hide the yelp.

sighing i drop my head to the ground with a slight grunt admiring the dark sky with the gorgeous stars twinkling.

Then I decided to get up and just wander off to the streets.

"psst" I look back and a guy pointing at me.

Ignoring it, and walking faster.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" all I feel is this cloth soaked with alcohol and blacking out.

days passed and all I remember is getting kidnapped.

Jolting up and being slammed back down on the bed, I feel my wrists getting cut and I look.


Chains everywhere, my legs, especially my wrist.

"Helllpp" trying to spit out words, I narrow my eyes down to see a peek of my mouth and notice a bandana.

my head shifts quickly to the door of the dark room.

There's a glow of light of the creak.

shadows of feet, footsteps, masculine distinct mumbles.

I whimper quietly .

the door opens and I quickly shut my eyes.

"d-dude th-that's violet" carls voice.

oh no.


Okayyyy so :/! So this is just the sneak peek of this new story of Carl Gallagher and a fucked up girlfriend.

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