An Old Man's Advice

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That night I lay awake for a long time, thinking of what to get Draco for Christmas. He is cuddled close to me, snoring softly in my ear. I can feel his heart beating lightly where his chest is pressed against my back. And I still haven't come up with anything by the time I finally drift off into a restless sleep. But it is obvious that my sleeping brain is working on the puzzle while I sleep because I wake with a fully formed plan in my head.

I regretfully leave Draco, still sleeping, in my bed and head out to the common room. I write 2 letters, though both will go to Hogsmeade. In one, I specify 2 objects I want sent to me on Wednesday evening when Draco won't be there to see me open it. In the other letter, I have to be extremely detailed. I specify exactly what I want in precise detail. I can't help smiling as I pen the letter, amazed at the perfection of the gift. Once I am finished, I pull on my robes and head to the owlry. I don't hang out after I send the owls off. I know Draco will freak out if I'm not there when he wakes up. 

When I return, he is still sleeping soundly so I grab a book and curl up on the window seat to read. I try to focus, but my gaze keeps being drawn back to Draco's sleeping form. He is stretched out on his back, the blankets tangled around his waist. He gave up sleeping with a shirt on a  while ago, so his pale, rippled chest is bare, the morning sun glinting off of his satin skin. His arms are stretched above his head, the muscles slightly flexed. But all of that pales in comparison to his face. Every line of stress and tension has smoothed and faded away. His long lashes cast light shadows across his cheeks and his lips are slightly parted. My tummy tightens and a tingling warmth moves from my chest to my stomach and moves lower.

For a moment I sit there, letting the feelings stir and intensify until I can barely sit still. When it is too much, I set my book on the seat and silently move to the side of the bed. Trying not to disturb the bed, I lay gently next to him and carefully scoot over until I am resting right next to him. I stay propped up on one elbow and with my other hand, I gently trace the lines of his chest, down his abs to the defined V that disappears beneath his waistband. I trace the way back up over his abs, his chest and his neck. He is still asleep but one glance at his lithe form tells me that my touch is definitely having an affect. I glance from his waist back to his face and lean in to brush my lips across his. I pull back and watch a slight smile stretch his lips and his eyes begin to flutter.

I kiss him again and a few seconds later he begins kissing me back. He drops his arms and grabs me, spinning us until he is poised over me, the length of his body pressed against mine. I can feel his arousal as he begins moving against me, creating a delicious friction that has me mirroring his motions. I don't try to stop him as he grabs the hem of my shirt and lifts it over my head. The feel of his bare skin against mine is staggering. It feels like a buzzing current of electricity is shooting between our bodies wherever our skin is touching. 

Just as things are getting too hot to handle, there is a tap on the window. We freeze for a second, waiting to see if it was just a fluke. When all remains silent, I pull Draco's lips back to mine. But another tapping on the glass has us frozen again. Draco lifts his head and looks around. I look over at the window to see a brown owl flapping outside the window. It is one of the owls I sent this morning.

"Are you kidding me?" sighs Draco, resting his forehead against mine. We are both breathing hard and the sweat coating our bare skin is cooling, raising goosebumps on my exposed flesh.

"It isn't going to give up," I say.

"Well it's timing sucks," he grumps. I laugh shakily and push on his shoulder, rolling him off of me.

I head over to the window and open it. The owl flutters in, dropping the letter in my outstretched hand. I can feel Draco's eyes burning into my back, but since I didn't pause to put a shirt back on, I don't think its the letter that is holding his gaze. I quickly unroll the parchment and have to work to hide my smile. The shop making my gift for Draco has everything they need and it will be ready by the Hogsmeade trip in 2 weeks. I walk over and hold the letter over a burning candle, letting the parchment catch fire. I hear footsteps behind me and then Draco's hands are on my waist.

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