Chapter XX

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Outdoors the spring rain fell on a dark day exactly like the one I met Lord Joseph though I wished to go out and then Mrs. Hall startled me.

"Oh my goodness child you are up!" Mrs. Hall said.

"Mrs. Hall finally, where have you been the last three days?"

"I was in London seeing a doctor for my eyes did no one tell you?"

"No I think they have been busy preparing for the Spring Dinner, and how are your eyes?"

"Better now, the doctor said I should be fine with these," she showed me her new spectacles.

"I am glad... But you must leave me now and go tell Lord Joseph the truth I cannot take it anymore."

"Child what are you talking of?"

"Mrs. Hall do you not remember how I begged you to talk to him?"

"I do child and I spoke to him of the situation still he does not care for it, he says he fancies you all the same."

"He does?"

"Yes and this was before I left so you have nothing to worry about."

"But he cannot be serious, he is not thinking straight."

"Who thinks straight when they fancy someone my dear?" Mrs. Hall laid a box on top of the bed. "And while I was in London the young master made sure I bought you this," she laid a box on top of the bed.

"What is it?"

"Come take a look," she smiled and I walked to the box to see a new dress and hat.

"What could I need it for?"

"I do not know but if you accept it you will surely be giving him reasons to believe you are inclined to accept him."

"Accept him? No, we must send it back then for I am only inclined to be grateful for his care and nothing else, also I am going back to my room today." I could not bear to have another gentleman try to sway me so I had to be severe with the Lord Joseph, it was the only right thing to do.

"The little lord Joseph would never look at you like a lady had he not been raised by the eccentric Mr. Howard so why are you throwing away what is bound to be the best offer you shall receive?" She closed the package worried about my sanity.

"Mrs. Hall I believe in Lord Joseph's goodness but facing the talk of society would prove to be too much for any man to bear. And I would not wish the same seclusion Mr. Howard enjoys on his son, he is too bright to be excluded from society is he not?"

"Yes he is bright and sociable, and oh dear if I were your age, still it is a pity, you two would make such a pretty couple."

"Mrs. Hall?"

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