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Thanks for 70 reads!!! >3< seriously?? 70??? I was not expecting so many views! In slight celebration, this will be a/an (i dunno how to say it.) 500 word chapter! (Or close to because i am way too lazy.) Also, i will be taking suggestions on how to improve my story! (Because my writing is trash...)
*Your writing is not trash, i am!*
SHUT UP KOMAEDA. Go make out with hinata or something...
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Yep. Onto teh story!

Tanaka and I quickly make our way over to the beach. Despite speed walking, almost everybody is already there. Great...
A short girl with blond pigtails walks up to me.
"You're late (Y/n) chan!"
I'm pretty sure her name is saionji... yep. Hiyoko Saionji.
She shrugs and smiles a little. She was about to say something else when A girl with dark purple hair came running up to the group, crying
"I..im sorryyyyy! I w..w...was exploring the island!"
Saionji immediately yells at her
"You're late! You filthy, trashy pigshit!"
Woah... personality change here... she was definitely not like that to me!
"Waaaah! I..im sorryyyyy!"
"Saionji... that wasn't nice at all!"
"A..are you mad at me?" Her eyes start filling up with tears
"N..no! Just don't be rude to her."
"Okay :3"
She makes a silly face then walks off to a red headed girl.
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Tanaka's pov (i use last names most of the time while narrating.)

That mortal sure is interesting... how does she talk so confidently to the dark overlord? I must find out more about her.


Jk that would be boring af.

Reader pov

The familiar pink rabbit appears at the front of everyone

"I have gifts for everyone!

(Sorry i forgot how this part goes...)

She hands us all something called an *usami strap* most people just roll their eyes and toss them on the beach. I scowl at the group. They are so mean to usami! :( i however, kept it and gave Usami a warm smile. She immediately smiled bavk and started talking.
"Geez! You guys are so rude..." little mushrooms grew on her head. And my heart felt tight. Poor usami...
"And i had another surprise too... i guess since (y/n) at least was kind to me, you can all have the present." Usami said smiling. She handed out swimsuits, and i ran to go change. I got in my cottage, changed my clothes, and ran back out. I was greeted by a happy looking Ibuki and Koizumi. Me and Ibuki got in a spash fight, and eventually Owari joined in, and of course she won.. The intire time however, Tanaka was hiding his face in his scarf, making a sandcastle. Cool! Maybe i should help him later.
Hanamura started making perverted jokes to me so i pushed him over. He fell in the water, and his hair got ruined. As Me, Ibuki, Saionji and Owari were laughing our asses off,





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