Chapter Two

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The building was hauntingly tall and incredibly beautiful, yet rather intimidating. The flickers of light that flashed from the highest point of the building, flickered on the concrete beneath my feet. So, this was Lux, I had thought, admiring it appreciatively.

It loomed so high that I was becoming convincingly overwhelmed that I was prepared to leave. Almost. I wasn't going to go anywhere. I had to come here after hearing whisper after whisper of the powers Lucifer Morningstar possessed. Which is ironic, given the fact that his name is the devil's name. He must have a serious god complex. But I'm not one to judge. Everyone has their issues. I sure have mine. But unlike others I wish to have them ended. Obliterated. Gone forever.

The line-up was another factor that made me consider turning around and leaving. But I was determined. I wanted to get what I came here for and if that meant having to line up in a god-awful long line, then I would do it; a small sacrifice for a greater cause.

Women and men alike stood in clusters, some complaining about the wait and others about their sore feet and cold shoulders. I however, had gone numb to any pain and feeling. Focusing solely on the main entrance where a large, muscly man stood guarding it. Wearing nothing but black, with an earpiece imbedded into his ear. He screamed, "be feared!". Another man stood next to him, a tall skinny man that was nothing but a buffer between the brute and the patrons. He held envelopes filled with cash, and wore a sleazy grin.

His eyes slid from woman to woman, eyeing them like a lion hunting its prey.

The men were getting closer and closer. It was when there was only four people in front of me, that I became suddenly aware of what I was wearing and how underdressed I was. Black, faded jeans, a plain white top and a grey woolen coat. It didn't scream that I belonged here. If anything, I looked like I'd Just woken up. The outfit would do nothing to help me flirt my way inside if needed.

Two people were left, so I shuffled forward.

Nerves hit me like a tidal wave. Beads of sweat clung to my forehead. Could I do this? I asked myself, maybe?

I was next, the person in front of me was handing over his money and heading in. My heart rate picked up as he crossed the threshold of the entryway. Looking at me expectantly the bouncer ushered me forward. His associate looked me up and down. Rolling his eyes, he whispered something under his breath that made the bouncer laugh. White hot fury shot up my spine. I knew I wasn't exactly dressed to party, however, I was still a paying "customer".

"That'll be 75 darl," the bouncer's associate said, the term of endearment doing nothing but make me angrier. I could almost feel the steam bleeding through my ears.

"75?" I asked, "the people in front of me paid 20?"

The bouncer had his eyes trained on me, almost expecting me to throw a fit or a fist. But I stood my ground and kept my temper in check.

"Fine here.... assholes," I muttered as I pushed my way inside.

The inside of the building, unlike the outside, felt less dark, dangerous and scary, it felt rather airy, light and wide. The width of the inside was refreshing considering most places like to squeeze you in and push people into every nook and cranny. But I didn't get my hopes up. This was only the foyer. The main part of the club was a bit further up and unlike the wait to get into the building the lines for the elevators were short and fleeting.

Lucifer Morningstar sure knew how to run a club, either that or people were just drawn to the persona he portrayed. I'd have to agree with the latter. There was no shortage of women that were asking for the mysterious owner. In fact, every woman I passed whispered about him.

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