Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 12

♥♥Robin's Point Of View♥♥

I was searching up and down Jump City. I got frustrated so I yelled "STARFIRE WHERE ARE YOU!!??"

I was about to go look some more ,but something grabbed my arm.I turned around in a fighting position. I saw it was only Raven. "Raven you scared to birds out of me!!"

" I'm sorry , but I had a vision about Dylan and Starfire"

"What did you see!?" I said pulling her arm close letting her know that I want the answers now!

"I saw Dylan with starfire, but starfire did not remember nothing and Dylan is helping her remember which means it's not good"

I let go of her arm. My heart was braking. I sighted and said "We have to find her before it's to late! Dylan might try to convince her into something she is not! We must hurry. Tell the Titans to keep searching until we find her!!"

"Okay Robin but what happens if we can't find her?"

"We have to. It's not a choice, it's something we have to do no matter what!"

"well....if you say so..."

We both whent different directions and searched.

♥♥Starfire's point of view♥♥

I woke up confused, but I am glad to have Dylan next to me and my life...

I was going to get up,but then Dylan stopped me..

"Dylan let go of me !!" I try to brush him away.

"Starfire, you need rest so stay here in your bed so you can rest!"

"But I am tired of being here doing nothing. Can I just go outside to enjoy the fresh air?"

"No! now stay here!!" He yelled a little to harsh.

"oh very well..."

*Some boyfriend you are* I was thinking this while he made a phone call, but I did not know who he made the phone call to!

♥♥Dylan's Point Of View♥♥

I told starfire to lay down and rest.I could not let her go outside fot a good reason.She could have probably found someone here and could have told her everything about her real life.So I made a phone call...

me: Slade, Kitten

Slade:did you do your plan correctly?

Kitten: of course he did! He has to beacause Robbie poo has to be mine no matter what!

Me:Maybe that's not how it's going to go...


Kitten: You better explain RIGHT NOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!!!

me: Okay three words change of plans!

Slade:what do you mean change of plans! ?

me: I love Starfire and I'm keeping her. You can have the rest of the Teen Titans. oh and kitten, you can still have Robin.

Slade: WHAT! ? I need starfire! she has lot's of power!!

kitten: I like the plan!

slade: you give me starfire right now!!!, But you have Robin. You and kitten can share...

slade:well...Robin is powerful...okay fine you go yourself a deal.

me: good....

I ended the call and I got close to starfire just to talk about her new life.

♥♥Cyborg's Point of View♥♥

So I was with Beastboy searching and searching .

"hey Cy, you think we can take a brake and go get some pizza? "

"well..Robin won't be happy....okay let's go!"

"I bet I can eat more pizza than you!"

"Your on green stain! "

So I was eating about 10 pizza!!

Beastboy turned himself into a dinosaur and began eating 5 at a time!!

"Yo, that's not fair!"

"Dude it's so fair! " he said with his mouth still with pizza inside.

"man, close your mouth when you eat it's discussting!!"

"Fine, but I totally beat you dude"

I was about to say something but my communicator started to beep so I answered it.


"cyborg, Beastboy go look for starfire and don't stop till you found her!"

"What!? Are you crazy!? Raven we need to rest to keep our energy!!"

"Sorry but it's Robin's orders"


"common Beastboy, we have to search for star"

"okay fine let me ju-"

"Now green stain! !"

"okay fine"

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