One-eighth Veela and the Metamorphmagus (Third place winner)

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A/N: I do not own the characters except Jansie. Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling. I respect her a lot. She is awesome. J.K.R. rocks!!! She made my childhood magical and special. 


~~~~One-eighth Veela and the Metamorphmagus~~~~ 

***An one-shot fan-fiction of Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley***          

          With the newest version of Firebolt in my left hand, I stood in the middle of a very much familiar, small and shabby square. Tall, dilapidated houses looked down on me from every side. Number twelve, Grimmauld Place, was visible to me as I have been told of its existence by my godfather, its Secret Keeper. Since I was only a month old, this house had been an abode to Harry. Even after a few years, when he married Ginny, his decision was to stay rooted in this very place.

          Though at first, Ginny was dissatisfied by Harry's decision, but later on she adjusted herself to this house and changed this place from hell to heaven. Well, not literally but in a sort of literal term. Needless to say, it reminded Harry of Sirius a lot, but at the same time, he feels like being in a home only in here, other than in Hogwarts.

          I raced up the stone steps and stood in front of the heavy and ancient timber door which was now painted black. Twelve was the number inscribed on the door with silver metal like something. I laughed lightly to myself when I remembered an unusual thing. As this house was not visible to the muggles, they simply believed the fact that the builders by mistakenly forgot to allot number twelve in between houses number eleven and thirteen. Muggles can be very stupid some times. I chuckled again.

          I was so amazed when I first heard that this ancestral house of the Black family was actually unplottable and it was protected by a Fidelius Charm. This house was once the Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix too. I knocked the padlock on the door twice and waited for one of the Potters to open the door. My lips twitched in a pleasant smile as I was going to meet my godfather and his family after so many days.

          A little ginger-haired angel, at least that’s what it seemed by her appearance, opened the door for me. She lifted her face to look at me and her beady eyes met my ocean blue eyes. Her face was soon embellished by a frantic smile. She gasped at my sudden presence after two months. 

          “Teddy!” she exclaimed and hugged me by my waist. I laughed at her excitement and patted her back gently.

          “Come on, in!” she dragged me over the threshold and shut the door with an eerie creak. I saw the troll’s leg umbrella stand in the corner holding some old as well as new umbrellas in it. I placed my Firebolt beside it and my mind echoed the thoughts of the day when I was awarded the broom. Hardly one week had passed but the memories were still crisp in my head. After all, how can I forget that prestigious moment?

          “Hey, Lily! You’ve become so good-looking, huh?” I greeted her along with a charming smile.   

          Lily, as you all know, is the youngest child and the only daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter. And she is the only girl who understands me, spends quality time with me and has a most amazing look on her façade when she sees me. Of course, except for Victoire. The rate of my heart beat rapidly increased just by her mention in my thoughts. It had been a long time I haven’t seen her too. Merlin's beard, it had been almost eight months I haven't seen her beautiful face.  Ahem, okay, back to Lily now!

          She was pulling me towards the kitchen and kept chattering about something. I wonder how she has that much capacity of storing things to talk about at this tender age of nine. She is very delicate and cute in a strange way. Her smile never fades in my presence, I must admit.

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