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Wolfs Flower (Fleur and Bill FF HP) by Greta258
Wolfs Flower (Fleur and Bill FF HP)by Greta May
,, Bill also doesn't like him," said Ginny, like it would solve everything. Harry wasn't sure, if his anger passed, but his thirst for information overcome his abil...
Instagram- Harry Potter Next Generation by x_reign_x
Instagram- Harry Potter Next annie
The instagram feeds of the next generation Weasley/Potter clan, one Malfoy, and two scamanders + my oc's.
About Time, Lupin! by pottyweepotter
About Time, Lupin!by itaii garcía
Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley have been best friends since before they could remember. And Teddy's 7th Year brings lots of drama, especially when they both develop a...
Deafening Silence | George Weasley (COMPLETE) by imweirdthatway
Deafening Silence | George imweirdthatway
George Weasley lost an ear, taking away 50% of his hearing. But after the traumas of the war he lost most of his hearing. He wasn't sure if his body just didn't want to...
The Next Generation Children by LilFandomGirl
The Next Generation Childrenby LilFandomGirl
little imagines for the next generation children of Harry Potter ✨
Operation Homeward (A Harry Potter Fanfiction) by Tidela471
Operation Homeward (A Harry Ellie (she/her)
It's been over twenty years since the famous Harry Potter defeated Voldemort once and for all. And it's been five since he died during a fateful Auror mission. At leas...
A Romantic Timeturner Tale(Harry Potter next generation) by Bizaliz14
A Romantic Timeturner Tale(Harry Elizabeth
Teddy and Victoire are supposed to be watching the Harry Potter next generation while their parents go to the ministry ball but got distracted. In the meantime James and...
HERMIONE Charles WEASLEY by saraaswini
HERMIONE Charles WEASLEYby saraaswini
fanfiction " tomorrow we will be going to get our wedding ring ,so be ready " with that charlie turned to leave When he opened the door , bunch of people...
Teddy Lupin by versmi0825
Teddy Lupinby versmi0825
Teddy Lupin is now eleven years old and about to start his first year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. Read about his adventures as he's growing older.
The next generation accidentally find themselves in 1997! How will the Potter and the Weasley's cope spending time with their children when they are there age? How will...
Back in 1995 by myst1qal
Back in 1995by macy
James Sirius Potter goes in his father's office where he finds a dangerous time-turner which takes you back for years. James goes back in time and brings his siblings: A...
Golden kids by scorpiustea
Golden kidsby scorpiustea
What If the next gen of Hogwarts would use muggle social media. Btw it's based on a fanfic.
The Birds and the Bears - Harry Potter Fanfic. by TiberiusFish
The Birds and the Bears - Harry TiberiusFish
Teddy and Victiore have known each other since babyhood. One afternoon the two kids made a promise that Teddy would never look at Vic the way most boys did. Little did t...
Instagram Next Generation  by enemiesOfTheHeir-0
Instagram Next Generation by Enemies Of The Heir
Harry Potters next generation if they had Instagram Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All rights belong to jk Rowling
The Secrets of the Map by Aloha_gm
The Secrets of the Mapby Aloha_gm
Harry Potter had his time at Hogwarts, but now it is time for the new generation-specifically Teddy Lupin-to write their own stories. Teddy has always been a strange kid...
I Blame James [Abandoned] by BrokenTimeTurner
I Blame James [Abandoned]by ✦ never updating ✦
**Written before Cursed Child** It was all his fault. James Sirius Potter. He just had to break the time turner. If it wasn't for him, none of it would of happened. But...
The One That Lied {Book Two in The One Series} by RosesReality
The One That Lied {Book Two in Rose
Book Two in 'The One Series' Adalyn Black hasn't seen Harry Potter in three years since she left him in her bed, and since then nothing has gotten in the way of her doi...
Victoire Weasley by EllenAlm
Victoire Weasleyby EllenAlm
When Voldemort died, people were convinced he would be gone forever. They were wrong, but only partially. This time, Voldemort isn't the one with the horocrux, but rat...
All I need is you//Albus Severus Potter// by Anehlastar
All I need is you//Albus Severus Juliette Jackson
She was a quick-thinker, good leader, fast learner, but for one person, she would be a heart-breaker. She loved him, she really did. But everything pulled them apart. Th...
Next generation- Instagram by peppiis
Next generation- Instagramby peppiis
Next generation Instagram story. Just basic next generation insta book, sorry not sorry🙂