Headcanon #40 (Or Theory #2)

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Kageyama and Hinata are going to go to the same university.

Kageyama will have grown since high school, growing even taller.

Hinata will have grown an inch.

They're both going to join the volleyball team, but since the coach is new, he doesn't think Hinata should even try out because he's so short.

Cue the super quick.

The coach will be so shocked, and he'll be so impressed that he'll let them both on the team.

When the coach asks for libreros, no one will step forward.

Hinata and Kageyama grin at each other. Kageyama serves a volleyball toward an open window.

Then everyone hears;

Nishinoya, who grew into the tallest person in the school, rolling thunders through the window, receiving the ball.

Cue the shocked players and coach.

(Sorry this is so badly written... I hope I got the basic idea out.)

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