27-PETRA~Mist and Shadows Part 2

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Well....this isn't how I pictured my day going... I'm stuck in a pitch-black realm with the only source of light being a teenage boy who glows. Talk about weird. But this is the life of a superhero...You gotta expect some strange stuff.... Rather than deal with the silence I decide to see how my comrades are feeling about the moment.

"So, when you got up this morning did you think you would wind up taking a field trip to the Asgardian Underworld?"

Totally subtle....

"No." Azari says gruffly from my left.

"What 'bout you bird boy?"

Francis chooses not to respond.  Obviously he's not in the mood for small- talk....

"Ok then." I close my eyes and stand where I am, listening to my surroundings and utilizing my other senses because obviously my eyes are useless.

"Petra...Take Deep breaths....Your heart, Can you hear it? Good. Now, find my heartbeat. There. That's it. You do hear it! Listen. Listen closely Petra, what else do you hear?" Memories of my father fill my head and I smile faintly before dismissing them, but obeying his instruction. Okay....That's my heart....I hear another....Francis....its beating so quickly.....there is another....calm, steady...must be Azari.....I should hear a third, but I can't seem to find it. James? Where are you? I listen for a few more seconds, searching my surroundings, but still his heartbeat is hidden from me.

"Hey guys! We have a problem!"

A blue light flickers a good twenty-five feet ahead of me so I sprint towards the silhouettes of Francis and Azari.

"What kind of problem?" Hawkeye asks, barely visible with his fingers curled around a longbow.

"James...we lost him."

"He's probably just ahead of us, No need to freak out," Azari says, ever the voice of optimism.

I slide a dagger out of a sheath and clasp it by my side. "He's definitely not ahead of us. I couldn't hear him."

Francis voices his confusion, "You couldn't hear him? How were you supposed to?"

"You have your eyes, I have my ears. Besides why would I make this up? We're missing Captain America."

Azari summons a large amount of power and sends a stream of electricity into the sky like a beacon. It both illuminates the path before us temporarily and will hopefully allow James to relocate us.

"That's all we can do. The best chance we have of finding him is to meet him at the rondevu point. He'll be there." Azari says before allowing the beam to fizzle into small sparks in his hands.

He better be there.... We continue to trudge forward, with a mutual sense of unease and tenseness. Maybe this place isn't horrific, but the silence and darkness....this absence of existence...is startling...

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