July 4th Special

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MarlonEdwards3 suggested a "VERY AMERICAN" special. I thought it was a splendid idea so here it is! It takes place separate from the storyline of my book. (Meaning Torrun and Francis are on earth)


It's July Fourth, otherwise known as Independence Day for America. The day we, as Rebels, flung off the reign of Britain and became our own nation. A nation where freedom and justice would be the statutes by which it would be governed..I need to stop my patriotic monologue...I'm beginning to sound like James....

I finish my makeup with some dark red lipstick and then turn and leave my bathroom. In honor of today's holiday I have donned an unusually patriotic skater skirt with a black tank top, my cherry red doc martens, and a small black purse. Today, I am accompanying the Next Avengers to enjoy an evening in the park and celebrate America's independence so I wanted to look the part.

 Today, I am accompanying the Next Avengers to enjoy an evening in the park and celebrate America's independence so I wanted to look the part

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I leave my quarters and go down the hall to where the boys and Torrun are waiting. I'm always the last one ready UNLESS we are going on a mission, then I always manage to beat everyone. They are sitting on the couches waiting for me.

"FINALLY I thought you couldn't possibly take any longer." Francis complains as he stands up.

"Shut up Barton."

He rolls his eyes and adjusts the purple sunglasses that are sitting on top of his head. Torrun is the next to stand. She is wearing a red dress that falls just above the knee. Francis places his arm around her shoulders and she looks up at him lovingly. Ugh....romance....C'mon guys do you have to do it here? Every since they officially became a couple they've been unable to stop showing it. Henry notices it too and I can see him look away uncomfortably. I guess it just takes some getting used too. James gets up with a huge grin on his face. He is totally unaffected. He seems so excited....I guess he gets it from his dad.

"You guys ready to rock 'n roll?"

"Let's go!" James exclaims as he starts to walk towards the door.

I walk behind everyone as they all follow James out to the parking garage where our vehicles are waiting. We've been S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best agents for so long that they decided to let us have our own vehicles.

"Who's driving?" Henry questions.

"I am!" Francis yells as he runs over to his silver convertible that he has nicknamed "Arrow".

"I'll drive" I offer.

That's it. We need two cars to get us all to the park. Torrun and Francis get in their car and James, Azari, and Henry decide to follow me to mine. I hop into the driver's seat of my black Camero and start the engine. I take my round frame sunglasses from the cupholder and slip them over my eyes. My world suddenly turns red as I look through the lenses. I look to my right to see who has taken shotgun. My gaze is met by the redhead with the bright blue eyes. James...

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