unstoppable love (forced lemon)

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she starts to gently suck on your ear you tug on your chains blush forms on your face as she stops and cups your cheeks and starts kissing you passionately you try to pull back but she was persistent she wraps her arms around your the back of your head and she then starts to grind her crouch agents yours causing you to blush darker and moan in the kiss letting her slip her tong in your mouth and explore her new territory when your hard she undoes the chains on you feet pulls of your boxers you struggle but she holds you down and pulls them of an reattaches your feet chains 

"r-rose p-pl-please don't i'm not r-ready for this kind o-of thing" rose:"don't worry love you'll love it i'm sure" you were about to say some thing but she puts a gag in your mouth rose:"there that should help you a bit now just relax" you start getting extremely nervous she wraps her arms around your back neck and starts kissing,biting and lick your neck you shake as she make her way down your chest once gets to your legs she stops she lays down between you legs facing your member she grabs it and start slowly licking it up and down you moan in the gag as your face turns red you start to struggle she then slips your member in her mouth and suck hard as you feel her tong swirls around your member as she moves you moan so loud she can hear you through the gag you tug at the chains but you cant get away then you cum in her mouth she just swallow it and continues you start shaking not wanting this trying to get her to stop but she wraps her arms around your wast and holds you there as she looks at you with her red eyes you cum twice she swallows the cum then lets your member out of her mouth and looks at you stroking your member to keep it hard

rose:" just wait cutie one i'm done getting you sensitive for the main coarse oh and just so you know your fun time last week was with me"  she then removes her bra and starts giving you a boob job she starts rubbing your member sticks out her tong and likes the tip your eyes are shut there was so much pleasure you were starting to go crazy and no matter how much you want it to stop there was no escape she then started to take your member in her mouth wile still giving you a boob job she started to move faster as you felt your face burn up as you cam a third time 

rose:"ok now for the real fun"she removed your gag and gave you a sweet kiss she then pulled away 

"p-p-p-please r-rr-rose don't j-just no m-more"you were breathing heavily and had a lot blush on your face you have just lost what little nerve you had left 

rose:"y/n your so cute when your nervous don't worry about it just enjoy the ride" with that she kissed you on the cheek and positioned herself above you before she drop she look at you 

"p-please don't" she almost got a nosebleed you look so defenseless that she just had to have you 'oh god she going to take my virginity' with that she drop down on your member and starts moving up and down you went of it was unenviable you were screaming in pleasure but that was ok cuz you two were in the woods you were trying to say something but the pleasure was to much to bear then she dose some thing even worse she puts her hands behind her and cups your balls your eyes go wide as you subconsciously thrust in her she moans (is it wrong that this is starting to turn me on)                                                                       

"r-rose" as she thrusting she lays on you presses her breast on your chest and cups your face and makes you look at her 

rose:"y/n i want us to look at each other at we lose are virginity" she makes you look at her eyes and brings you closer and started passionately kiss you at the same time was roughly fucking you and she was pressing her body agents yours as you moan in the kiss she slips soft tong in your mouth and explored her new territory all wile making you look at her then you cream her and cum she brakes the kiss and sits up and grabs a needle then injects it in your arm and you feel your your body heat up and you feel more nervous then ever and feel you hart rate speed up 

"what did you do"your cheeks start to flush and her body was even more mesmerizing 

rose:"i injected you with a drug that makes you more aroused and makes you more sensitive and even better makes you cum super fast in a row so we can wrap this up" she redyes her self again for round 2 you were looking at her in fear 

"no wait pl--" she slams down and all could do was moan as went up and down she wraps her arms around my neck and tong kisses me and i cum one i do she moves down to my neck biting and kissing it and i cum again i scream in pleasure and she keep going not slowing down and you cam once again she picks up her speed and you cum over and over again only a few seconds after each orgasm and finally she stops 

rose:"oh my love that was grate but its late we should rest" you were sweating she undid your chains and pull your face into her naked chest you would normally try to run but you were so tired that you could barley move your member was sore all you could do was blush ant pass out.

(a/n) ok guys thats it for story one there will be a part two after i do one more story but i just want to thank you guys for the support i did not expect this story to do this well i was just amazed by how meany people read my story ok so im having a vote on the next story just comment the the story that you guys like and thank you for reading there will be a story two 

new story's                                    

yandere fem gangster x shy timid male reader 

neko girl x broken male reader   

extroverted fem x antisocial male reader 

fem future warrior x abused male reader

just so you know ill do all of these but for now you pick and with that stor-

rose:"oh a/n were are you" lick her lips 

a/n:"shit o_o andwiththatstorycomplete" runs away rose:"a/n you cant get away i will protect you"  

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