the accident

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You said nothing about what happened over the weekend and you put beter security in you room rose sat next to you she was nice but something feels off about her you shook it off after shcool you went too thank her

" u uuu hay rose" you blush a bit (for the record your a complete shy guy but hay your smart)

rose: oh hay (y/n)" she smiled brightly

"U um i wanted to thank you for taking me to the nurse to went i passout Friday" you blush a bit more

Rose"oh no problem how about you have lunch with me on the roof 😊"

"Well i have to get lunch first"

Rose: "that's ok my family pack way more then i need so there enough to feed us both"

"Oh ok so" you blush more

Rose:"lets go😄" she said cheerfully

You were on the roof

Rose straddled your lap and feeding you you were red as a tomato

"Hold on rose i can feed myself hmmf" she put a dumpling in you mouth

Rose:"nope you need to get better you did have fall a Friday and sill look ill😜"


Rose:"i said no now eat"

After that you two were talking

"So rose were come from"

Rose:"i move from Tokyo to here"

"oh ok"

Rose:"(y/n) your blushing that so cute"

"Hay im not blushing" you blushing more (which really doesn't help your case im sorry ill stop)

Rose: "oh really thenk how about now" she rapt her self around your arm and in to her chest then she got close and kiss you on the cheek

You we were red again and straddled you again and rapt her arms around your neck

" w w w w rose stop that's"

Rose:"then admit you were blushing or ill get to have a kiss"

"Ok ok i admit it"

Rose:"ok and wasn't going to i was just teasing you"

You said nothing and just blushed some more

After school you walking home you were crossing then a car went out of control you didn't see it then bam it hit you everything goes dark

(A/n) what has happened to you will you suvive how is rose going to react (probably go yandere) will you still have all four limbs ok you will but i had put that well find out next time also sneak peak

Rose:" he alive thank god but i almost lost him again i" starts to look insane eyes widen "i have t to protect him even i have to chain him down for a bit     (y/n) it's my fault you got hurt i won't let anyone take you from me we will have kids and you will be happy even you wont be at first" she gets read for hear plan because she will have you.

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