I'll protect you

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You feel like your head is pulsing in pain as you slowly whack up

"Uuuuu what happen" you find your self in a hospital bed and you see the doctor walk in

D: "hmm your awake how do you feel"

"Like i was hit by a car"

D: "well you were you have been out for a week the person that hit you took off but thankfully someone called 911 and save you"

"So can i go"

D: "in a hour or two some how didn't break a single bone but i need too get some paper work done before you go back to school rest now you have frend with some food with her"

"Oh uu ok"

Then rose walks in she seems a little different

Rose:"(y/n) oh my god are ok"she gives you a tight but soft hug

"Yea I'll be fine they'll let me go in a bit"

Rose: "I'll walk you home to be safe"she get her food and feeds you

                 Time skip
You walk home with rose you get to your house.

"Thanks for walking me home rose"

Rose:"no problem lets get you to bed" she takes you to your room then you feel a sharp pain in your neck you turn to see rose with a syringe

"R-rose what are you" you start to feel dizzy as you fall forward she caches you

Rose:"don't worry (y/n) i promise to protect you this time and well be together forever happily" she says this while panting your head she leans in and kiss you softly while you black out

You wake up in you boxer's your chained to a king size bead and you hear someone come in it was rose in her underwear you feel your self burning up even though this is a bad time to do it

Rose:"have baby how's the nap hope you sleep well"

"Rose what going on please let me go"

Rose:"hmhm 😊 "she walks up to you sits on you waste and cups your face as you blush madly " sorry deer but you almost died again i need to protect you so you stay with me you'll be happy with me and we'll have nice big family so just relax"

"B-b-b-but we just met and i don't want to stay here forever" you started to cry she kisses you softly and pulls away you start blushing like crazy 

"(a/n) OK so im having some problems with my phone so sary ill get a new one soon so just wheat and be good to go for now ill get as far as i can oh one more thing promise if you like the story then don't weary  ill do an after story with lemons cuz why not ill have a vote just the number or the name whatever works for you i don't care ok ok im sary im sary"

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back to the story 

rose: "it seems that fall really did wipe you memory don't be scared you'll be happy i know you will" she lays on you and strokes your hair you start to get nervous
rose: "you'll be like this only for a bit just till you know longer run away"she grabs a plate with eggs,bacon,and fired potatos starts to feed you breakfast

Rose:"come on (y/n) let me show you are new home" she shows you around the hose it was Japanese style and was odd you feel like you've seen
this place before after that she chains on the bead by your arms,legs and joints making you completely unable to move

Rose:"now it's time i show how much i love you" she straddles your waste you start getting nervous she puts a hand on your chest and presses herself you all while her goes down to your crotch you start getting really nervous and scared so much you start shaking "a-a-aaaaa rose please i-hmmp" she cuts off with a kiss when she pulls away you blush more close your eyes and turn your head

Rose:"don't worry honey it won't hurt I'll do all work for you" she bends down gently nips and sucks on your ear

Hey guys long time no im not saying that ok im starting a new book and it's about you going to monster hunter 4 ultimate but most off the monster are girls human like girls so get ready cuz your in for hunt get it cuz there hunting you im sary that was a bad joke oh and it will have lemons so I'll finish the next chapter on this and ill post my monster story too day as well

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