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Each of us possess something the very minute it is released will automatically change someone's life albeit tangible or intangible. More often than not the pure essence of intangibility shows up in a tangible deed. It is in those moments we can acknowledge the interconnectedness of the power of God.

Today a friend called to say howdy and to stop by. Gosh we had a ball laughing, talking, and sharing stories with each other. We don't get to see each other in person much our schedules don't match like they used to.

As we were ending our visit I noticed an overturn plant on my porch. Y'all know me gardening is my refuge second to God. I turned to fix my toppled plant. When I turned back my friend had placed some money in another plant and was almost out of my yard. My eyes welled with tears.

Before I could thank my friend I could hear the engine starting and then see the vehicle pulling off. My friend had learned about me losing my job. Funny thing is as much as we talked, laughed, and shared stories it never came up nor did I think to say anything about it.

Here is why my eyes welled with tears. The day before was a rough one. I had tried to makes moves to secure a new source of income for my children and I. But every move I had made was a bust. After I got out my feelings I prayed. Here is what I prayed. Dear God please don't let the fear of the weight as I wait overshadow and blind me from seeing how close I am to my breakthrough. God as I am scared but not fearful please restore and supply us with sources to take care of our needs and home. Amen.

I didn't write this so you have a new reason to talk amongst yourselves wait I'm lying I did. But not about if it is to get you to call me to schedule a visit. But rather because someone reading is just where I used to be the first time this happened to me. I cried, I was hurting, I was in pain, and I had no idea of what, when, how, nor where God was going to show up. I was absolutely freaking out. Yeah I prayed but my worries overshadowed and then overpowered me into frightful thoughts maligned with every fearful scenario I could think of. My friend showed up because of love and belief in me but my blessing from my friend showed up because my love of and belief in God.

So don't give up, go ahead and cry, but don't stop praying, and don't stop believing in God or that God hears and answers your prayers. Please beloved if God can bring you to it. God can bring you through it. So pray a prayer of Thanksgiving even while in need. Then sit back and watch God work.

Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to God than birds. Matthew 6:26 MSG 

Originally Published 1.5.2017

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