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The Younger Mate by flowerbug
The Younger Mateby Ali James
Daniel Reed was eighteen when he found out that his mate was seven year-old, Paisley Conner. Forced to make a choice between putting his life completely on hold to be wi...
half a heart • hs by foryouadoreyou
half a heart • hsby 🦋
a tik tok inspired story, where soulmates can hear each other's thoughts
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(Zodiac Signs Story) The Royal Zodiac Mystery by Raiko-chan184
(Zodiac Signs Story) The Royal Zod...by ~~FruitPunchGintama~~
12 Heirs, 12 Castles, 4 Kingdoms, 1 Country and 1 World. Celestia is the world beyond the stars. In this world is one country with 4 different kingdoms and 12 castles. T...
The 26 Boys ~ An ATEEZ, Stray Kids & 1THE9 (Book #1 Of The Season Series) by KayleeKisham
The 26 Boys ~ An ATEEZ, Stray Kids...by Kaylee-Kishan
26 Boys - 8 - ATEEZ, 9 - Stray Kids & 9 - 1THE9 5 Little Rascals 4 Companies - KQ Ent, JYP Ent, MBK Ent & Cube Ent 3 Groups - ATEEZ, Stray Kids & 1THE9 2 Major Differenc...
The Vampires Lair //ZARRY// by UNIQUExZIAM
The Vampires Lair //ZARRY//by Zayn Malik
Harry was a Vampire. The coldest of all. He set his sights on Zayn a petite boy who was very innocent. He kidnapped him and brought him to his Lair. Where , he'll never...
ι ℓσvε мү вяσтнεя ~яαη∂ү (Completed) by RoadTripTVxFowler
ι ℓσvε мү вяσтнεя ~яαη∂ү (Complete...by ★sσρн αη∂ ιsℓα★
In which two brothers fall in love... Started-6/12/18 Finished-30/12/18
A Night That Changed Lives️ ☑ by the_flawed_girl
A Night That Changed Lives️ ☑by 🍒 Cherry 🍒
Life is very unpredictable! Of course! It doesn't go, as we plan! Same was with Bela and Mahir! They are the hottest couple in town, who love each other till no bounds...
Ms. Popular Meets Mr. Popular And The Queen Bee by TheHorror36
Ms. Popular Meets Mr. Popular And...by A R I A N A
Like Avah Maldita gusto din mag Revenge ni Ylana sa kanyang kapatid na si Faye. Gagamitin niya si Taki Bonifacio para maka pag revenge. Ano kaya kung ang pagmamahal ni...
Playful Me : Meet Yuki Carlo Heisen (ROYGBIV Series #2) by Hadlee_Zircon
Playful Me : Meet Yuki Carlo Heise...by HadZi
Yuki Carlo Heisen. Kung nabasa niyo na ang Music Is Love : Meet the ROYGBIV, you know him. A typical playboy who breaks almost every girl's heart in the campus. Well...
Monster|kim minseok by cutoutheart
Monster|kim minseokby cutoutheart
"I'll ruin you" All rights reserved ®cutoutheart 2016
My MAICHARD Imagination (One-Shots) by Iam_laicamengzz16
My MAICHARD Imagination (One-Shots)by Laica Ordinal
This Story is only my "imagination" and this can't be not true NOW but I hope This Can be true SOON❤Not Now but Soon ika nga Nila😊Please Enjoy my Imagination...
Fifty Shades of PARK JIMIN [ BTS FF ] by ongniel17
Fifty Shades of PARK JIMIN [ BTS F...by ongniel17
mmmmmmm.... I moane! this is heaven ........ i'm so fucking suck by mr.park ~~~~~~~~~ God damn it ~~~~ it so pleasure to ........ ~~~~~~ Mr . Park Jimin is one of the ho...
Chody Cho (Cody Ko) *age 26+* dirty fan-fic by HubHamburger
Chody Cho (Cody Ko) *age 26+* dirt...by HubHamburger
Get ready for a steaming adventure with stevia grandpa Cody Ko as he chokes you with his thicc, viagra-induced erection
Ta ở giới giải trí muốn làm gì thì làm - Tế vọng nguyệt by Vtieuhoctra2
Ta ở giới giải trí muốn làm gì thì...by Tây Sương
Tấn Giang VIP2019-3-7 kết thúc Văn án: mười lăm tuổi xuất đạo tức điên phong, mười tám tuổi ẩn lui mười chín tuổi ngóc đầu trở lại, hai mươi tuổi liền trở thành quốc nộ...
My Stalker by vsKn57
My Stalkerby Lil Kim
"I believe in the kind of love that doesn't demand to prove my worth and sit in anxiety.I crave a natural connection ,where my soul is able to recognize a feeling o...
One-Shot Stories (Random) by Yongmaster_xxx
One-Shot Stories (Random)by KUYA_JUAN
Nothing else to do? have it. Thanks..Yongmaster_xxx ..
Sidekicks by Yongmaster_xxx
Sidekicksby KUYA_JUAN
We're miles apart from the blood, But connected by the heart. We're not a hero, but rather.... A SIDEKICKS
The Jester Cat by BlueReaderQuinn
The Jester Catby BlueReaderQuinn
The Joker is lucky enough to find himself an escaped lab experiment. Confused and powerful this cat can be rabid. What will The Joker do with his powerful new toy when c...
An interesting love (2 x 6) (bfb/tpot) by Chocochamana11
An interesting love (2 x 6) (bfb/t...by Chocochamana11
... Well... for some reason I enter in this fandom... anyways... this is a revenge against someone... but I hope you like this new story... the first what is no related...
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Shattered Kingdom Book 1 (Finished) by NicIsNotJustMale
Shattered Kingdom Book 1 (Finished)by NicIsNotJustMale
Quirinalyn (Quirie) Delouris was a young girl who had no dreams except to become a great leader for her kingdom, what will she do if she needs to be this leader with a g...