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Pen Your Pride

Authors notes... Hi, I've read a few fan fictions the past few weeks and have noticed they are all tragic and upsetting so I thought I would throw a little dirty one in and see what everyone thought! Hope you like it.. Comment and do what ever, Thanks :) (I have used Italic where the people are speaking in their heads to make it easier)

A sudden beeping woke me up from my light slumber. I reached out my hand and turned it off disappearing back into the bed. "Get your lazy ass out of bed Lisa!!!" I heard being called from downstairs. I lifted my tired body out of bed and sheepishly dragged my body into the bathroom locking the door behind me. I jumped into the shower letting the warm water hit my body. I washed my brown hair quickly before jumping out. I was in a bit of a rush to get to my class. See I lived in a penthouse in the fantastic Hilton hotel. I lived on the 100th floor in an amazing apartment with my 1 other friend Emily and it was all payed by my parents. I had always wanted to live in London with friends and for my 18th birthday daddy bought me one in the hotel run by my cousins Yes I was cousins with Paris Hilton but I didn't see her EVER! She didn't bother showing up for my birthday last year, or the year before.... come to think of it i've only ever scene her twice in her party! 

Anyway I ran into my walk in closet grabbing my Hollister denim shorts (I didn't care about the weather, I didn't really fell the cold), an Abercromby&Filtch pink top and a Super Dry hoody with cute 4 inch heels (I was that kind of girl, I lived in heels. I wasn't a slag I didn't wear much make-up at all. I just liked heels!) I walked over to my bags and picked up my school bag and rushed down stars and out the door without breakfast and shouted "Bye girls, see you when I get home. Have fun in school!" I sped walk down the street for about 5 minutes without stopping until I got to school. 

4 houres lator....

I walked out of school talking to my classmates about the One Direction concet that we and my room mates were going to in 3 months. I waved goodbye as she got in her car an left me to walk home alone. It was about 2 minutes down the road when I heard a VERY loud group of girls scream. The snooper I am, I had to walk over and check it out. As I was about the walk around the corner to see what all the fuss was about I was knock over onto my ass. "Fuck, watch were your going!!" I cursed before getting up and dusting myself off. I stared up to see 5 boys with bags full of Jack Wills stuff staring at me with concern placed all over their faces. "Are you okay hun?" the curly haired one asked. I then registered what was going on a realised I, Lisa Jones was standing in the presents of ONE DIRECTION!!!! I was trying to stop myself  fangirling when the noise of screaming girls got louder. "Shit, do you have somewhere we could go?" Liam asked me in panic. "Yes...urmm about.....a...a....2 minute walk" I stuttered trying not to act nervous... Blew it :L "Great, lets go" Liam said just as Louis shouted "RUN!!!" I took off my heels and sprinted bare foot to the hotel. "HERE, LEFT!!!" I shouted out of breath as everyone turned into the Hilton. "Security...Fans...Stop them!" I screamed at the receptionist before pulling out my card key and swiping it across the elevator buttons. You see the hotel was very exclusive so to get the elevator to open you had to scan your room key/card against the scanner under the buttons. I grabbed a very still Harry and Louis and pulled them into the lift whilst shouting at Niall who was slamming on the buttons trying to get the lift doors to close. They slammed shut in frount of our faces as the fans were pushing and shoving the securety guards as they tryed their best to hold them back. I heard a faint "thanks" that came from Harry. I turned to face Harry, gosh he's so fit, look at his perfect green eyes. Those curls, lips and.... 'DING' the elevator went. 

Thanks for reading the first chapter, I know it's long but I had to introduce the sceen and the main characters :) 

Love Soph xx

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