Hia, this is my 4th chapter of my book. I wanted to make it more exciting for you so here it goes... :)

I was pushed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around Harry with my hands pulling at his soft chocolate curls. I pulled away teasing him as he pulled me off the wall and placing me o the bed with him on top of me. "Harry I....." I screamed as he kissed down my collar and my neck. I moaned into his mouth again as he kissed me biting my bottom lip again. He ripped off my top as he was kissing down my body. I flipped him so I was on top now. "Cheeky!" He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my back. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt before ripping it off him. By now I was moving my hand down his body heading for his 'Harry Jr' ;) He moaned as I slipped my hand inside his pants. I was just about to 'You know..' when Louis walk in on us on top of each other. I threw myself to the other side of the bed from Harry. "What's happening here then?!" Louis asked as a massive grin was on his face. "Nothing is  going on here..." I said trying to look shocked. I wasn't working, he had caught on, he's not as dumb as he looks...... "Yeah, sure there's nothing going on!" Louis said sarcastically as he trotted out the door. Oh God was it THAT obvious?! "Come on babe, how 'bout we head downstairs and do something fun?" Harry asked looking at me in those perfect green eyes. "Yea, OMG I have an idea!" I shouted as a threw my top on and ran downstairs. "I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!!" I shouted at the boys who were sat quite comfortably on the sofa watching Finding Nemo... Really boys, really....First Toy Story and now Finding Nemo.How old are you?! :L I giggled to myself before my train of thought was interrupted by Louis screaming at the top of his lungs "YES YES YES, POOOOOOL NOW!!!!!"  He was like a kid again. "Let me and Emily get ready and..... you don't have swim trunks!" I said looking depressed. "Well we kind of do.. we got our management to drop off our suitcases because we can't leave the hotel intil those fans leave!" Liam said looking at me with a small smile on his face. "Okay so you do have swim.." I asked before being interupted Again by Louis. "7 day sleepover!!" "yes Louis now go get changed while me and Emily do." I said grabbing Emily''s arm and dragging her off Niall's lap and up the stairs. Wait! She was sat on Niall's lap. OMG! Get in there Emm!!! I let go of her arm and said "Be ready in 5 mins, I wanna go" :L I ran into my walk in wardrobe and grabbed my cute Zebra print bikini before locking the door and changing. I grabbed some denim shorts and a crop top and threw them on over my bikini. "Time to go girls!" I heard Zayn shout up thee stairs as I was just about to leave my room. Good timing Lisa;) I walked down stairs to find all the boys including Emily standing by the door. "SANIA!" I shouted down the hall. The little maid ran up and stopped in frount to my feet. "Yes Miss?" She said with a smile. "We are going for a swim, not sure what time we will be back but can you get someone to get us some of those amazing 1D Milkshakes rom Milkshake City!" She looked at me and said "How long are you going to be in the Swimming Pool?" "Urmm a few hours, I'll text you when we are changing. That's all" I said opening and leaving the room with everyone infrount of me running for the lift battling to be the one to press the button. Children please, you can all press it! I thought as I was giggling to myself. We all jumped into the lift and it took us to the floor with the pool on. Yes nobody in here!!! I singed the check in book for the pool as everyone but Liam ran to the changing room. "I guess they love swimming?!" I laughed looking at Liam. "Yep, we hardly get to go atm because we can't go anywhere without being mobbed!" We walked to the changing room where I found Emily standing there with her Cheetah bikini on looking very pretty. "Looking HOT babe" I winked at her before stripping off to my bikini. "Says you sexy" This time she winked at me and we both burst out laughing as we walked into the swimming pool checking our Twitter from our phones. I found a nice sunbed and threw my towel and phone on it. I looked into the and all I could see was Liam in the Hot Tub, Harry on Louis shoulders and Niall sitting on Zayn's shoulders having a little fight. I jumped into the pool ad had a little before I was knocked into the water by Emily and we then had a little splash fight. We all had an amazing time! We chilled in the Hot Tub, went in the Sana&steam room, and had a great time in the pool. I was lying on top of a pink lilo when I saw out of the corner of my eye Louis jump off the pool wall and onto me! I was thrown off my lilo and into the water. "LOUIS!!!" I screamed at him as I emerged out of the water. "Yes Jones?" Louis said with a MASSIVE grin on his face "Oh your gonna get it!" "Come get me babe!" I heard him shout as he swam as fast as he could to the other side of the pool with me chasing him. "Come back here Tomlinson!" I shouted after him. "You'll never catch me!! Ahahahaha" I heard him shout before he swam into a very evil looking Zayn. "Grab him Lis!" I heard him shout as he held Louis in one spot. I dived on him 'accidentally' hitting him in the balls! "AWWWWWW!!" hahahaha Louis, that's what you gey for jumping on me!!! I swam away and jumped into the Hot Tub with Harry, Niall, Emily and Liam. 

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