Introduction and Information

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Welcome to Hopeless Generation Covers.


Starting with a little about myself: I am a college student looking to build his portfolio and get some good practice in. However, even if I'm only going to college, I've got close to several years of experience with Photoshop, and about five or so with Illustrator. So, if anything, I'm definitely not some newb.

Basic Information:

I'm here to make covers for both the people of Wattpad and the people looking to self-publish. I will be doing high-quality, professional covers; be it an ebook, a Wattpad cover, or a print cover (more on this later.). Now, as much as I would like to give my covers away for free, I can't. I mean, a man has to eat, right? But seriously, making a strong, good-looking, and/or professional cover takes a lot of precious time. As such, I'm going to charge for my covers.

However, since I know what it's like to be dead broke, I will be making my cover abilities affordable to almost anyone. Along with that, you get the added bonus of your cover being ready for commercial usage. Every cover will be different in complexity and theme, therefore I will not have a dead set price on my covers. Payment will be decided before the cover is made, and the cover will be delivered following the payment (you will receive a watermarked copy of your cover as proof of the finished product before you send the payment.). All payments will be made through PayPal, and PayPal only.

Cover Examples:

I can handle a wide array of genres and themes, here are two completely different covers of two completely different genres (Both of these are for sale, if wanted. Price can be discussed.):

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Custom Form:

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Custom Form:

If you would like a cover, send an email to with the following template (asterisked text is required.):

*Name of Book/Novel: 

*Type of Book: Wattpad/Ebook/CREATESPACE PRINT (Createspace prints are the easiest to work on as they have set rules and numbers. Whereas IngramSpark and the others vary widely, making them difficult to work with).

*Author Name (or username, depending on type of book):


Other covers you like, or other covers you want yours to look like:

Anything else (e.g. specific ideas, etc.):

Premade Form:

You will need to email me ( with the following information. Presenting the information to me cleanly will help the process move along a bit quicker, and not to mention, smoother.

Name of Wanted Premade Cover: (e.g. The Inferno)

New Name for Premade Cover: (e.g. Bloodbath)

Author Name: (e.g. Cassidy Haze. If you are only using it as a Wattpad cover, then I'll need a username.)

Subtitle (If there is a open spot in the wanted premade): (e.g. Spilling blood was the only answer...)

Changes (if possible): (e.g. I want the color of the text changed to red, and maybe try taking off the subtitle?)


Custom commission prices will vary heavily by complexity, especially so for the Createspace paperback prints. These are a lot more work, and will have to be transferred to CMYK along with creating a back cover from scratch (I rarely tend to repeat the front cover on the back, unless requested otherwise.)

The theft/stealing of my covers will result in me contacting the proper authorities. Well, that, or I'll just hunt you down and eat you alive. >_>


That's all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, feel free to PM/Email/Comment with them, and I'll gladly answer!

- For the Hopeless, from the Hopeless.

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