Stay In My Life •IwaOi• {Edited}

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They laugh at the shocked/broken expression upon my face. Among them is Iwaizumi Hajime, my best friend and boyfriend that lied and stabbed me in the back. They all pranked me and recorded me. I was their main entertainment. You all probably don't know what the prank was about, they pranked me by having Iwaizumi go out with me and record my reaction once finding out it was a prank. My body feels numb but my heart feels as if it's being stomped and stabbed multiple times. Over and over again like a never ending game. But what hurts more is the betrayal of what was supposed to be my best friend/boyfriend. I didn't realize that tears were falling down my cheeks until one of his friends pointed it out causing the group to laugh louder and take pictures. One of them pushed me down onto the ground but my body didn't feel the contact when I landed. My hair fell upon my eyes as their laughter kept taunting me.


My mind says but my feet don't respond. Why?


It screams and this time my feet follow the command. I pass the group of insulting boys until their out of my hearing range. My legs ran and ran ignoring the burning sensation. I didn't know where they were leading me but I didn't care though. As long as I'm far away from that bastard and his group of assholes, I don't are where my legs lead me! After a few more minutes, the scenery around me became familiar as I wipe away my tears.

My Neighborhood...

With the last ounces of energy I had before my legs split open, I run towards my house. There were no cars in the driveway meaning one thing: my parents aren't here like always. They're completely workaholics, or just worked too much to avoid the disappointment of a son they have. They didn't like that I played volleyball or like astronomy or that I like guys for the matter. I climb up the stairs into my room as soon as I'm inside the house. My room was pitch black since the curtains were covering the window and the lights were off. I lock the door and lifelessly walk towards my bed while letting out painful sobs. Everything that was once bottled up comes out in the form of tears, sobs and loud cries of anguish. No one knew how broken I really am or the cries I made. Maybe I was destined to live a life of loneliness and pain. No one would be there to catch me when I fall. Maybe I shouldn't be alive. My parents disowned me and Iwaizumi just played around with me. What's next? Why do I have to live this life of loneliness and pain? Why can't I just die? With these negative thoughts roaming my mind, my eyes close making me feel at peace with the darkness that surrounds me.



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