Stay In My Life •IwaOi•

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•~3rd Person~•

Shortly after practice,Iwaizumi headed over to Oikawa's house.Like always there were no cars in the driveway.Iwaizumi once asked Oikawa why his parents were almost never home but Oikawa would just put a smile on and change the subject.It was obvious that Oikawa still lived with his family since there were family pictures and rooms but Iwaizumi has never met his folks.Iwaizumi knocked on the front door but there was no response.He twisted the door knob open and was surprised that it was open.The house was dark with only a few rays of light coming through the creases of the window curtains,however,Iwaizumi remembers where Oikawa's room is located from previous visits over.He walked up the stairs yet there was no sound but only the sound of his footsteps.

Maybe he's watching a volleyball match

Iwaizumi nervously thought but even he wasn't so sure about that.He knocked on Oikawa's door but got no response or sound of movement for the matter.He twisted the nob but it was locked."Shittykawa-I...umm..I mean Oikawa open up!"Iwaizumi said but received no response.He thought long and hard on how to open the door but then he remembered a key Oikawa gave him when they became second years.


"What's this for?"Iwaizumi curiously asked as he inspected the shinny metal key in his hands."When the time is right you would know!"Oikawa said happily and smiled directly at him making Iwaizumi feel that warmth inside whenever he was with Oikawa.

*End of Flashback*

At that time he didn't even know his own feelings towards Oikawa but he knew he felt something for the boy.Iwaizumi searched his pockets and to his luck he still had the key Oikawa gave him among with other keys.He holds the piece of metal at the entrance of the keyhole and inserted it.(A/N:Woah!This sounded a bit wrong if you think like me)The lock clicks and the door opens.The room was dark with a eerie feeling to it.Iwaizumi checked the galaxy bed with little alien spaceship designs hopeful to find Oikawa in them but he was not.However a light came from under the door that lead to Oikawa's personal restroom.


He has seen this in many movies.Iwaizumi immediately panicked as he knew what to expect.He tried to open the doorknob yet like the bedroom door it was locked.He tried the key that Oikawa gave him but it would budge.Million of thoughts raced through Iwaizumi's mind and all of them involved Oikawa.Iwaizumi had no other choice at the end but to knock down the door.With a powerful kick the door went loose on its hinges and swung open.Iwaizumi's eyes went wide at the scene in front of him.His face could only be described as pure horror and something he would never forget.



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