Stay In My Life •IwaOi•

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"I'm sorry!It was wrong of me to do that prank on you even though I knew of your feelings towards me.But this week was hell for me with out you.I constantly kept turning my head to talk to you and you weren't there.I kept expecting a toss from you but you weren't there.I expected to hit you for being annoying but you weren't there.You made me realize how much I need you in my life.You ignited these feeling that I discovered for you.I don't even know why I agreed to prank you in the first place but it was my mistake on doing so.When I saw that the only lights on where the ones from the restroom I panicked and started thinking the worst,'I lost him.Its all my fault!'I was scared that you would be in my life anymore.Hell I wouldn't even know if I didn't hear your annoying/sweet voice constantly and get the chance to hit you with a ball.Please Oikawa stay in my life not only as my friend but as my boyfriend.Can we please try again?And I promise to you that this is not a prank."It was enough to make me believe it.He was telling the truth since Iwaizumi doesn't cry often.He had tears streaming down his face while he holds my hands in his.He raised up a hand to brush at my check which I then realized was wet with tears."I-Iwaizumi y-you hurt me with that prank!How would I know if this is a prank or not?I don't want to get my heart broken again!Please tell me the truth and stop giving me lies"I tightly close my eyes as tears still managed to slip out.I could feel my shoulders shaking from the crying but then I could feel warm lips upon mine.I open my eyes to see Iwaizumi kissing me.I was shocked until his lips started moving making me shut my eyelids and do the same.He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing each other closer.He bites my bottom lip making me let out a gasp and to his full advantage he slipped his tongue into my mouth and started to explore.My hands play with the little hairs behind his neck while his hands started roaming my bare chest making me let out soft moans.I could feel mini Iwa-chan as we were pressed together.He pulled away from the kiss grinning from ear to ear."Was that enough to answer your question?"He asks smirking.I hum and put a finger up to chin,"I don't know maybe you should demonstrate it again"I playfully say making him attack me in kisses.He then stops and looks at me.I smile at him making heat rise to his cheeks and to the tip of his ears."Where were you on Thursday,Friday and this week?"He curiously asks making me nervously chuckle and pull away from his grasp.I slowly start walking backwards until my back hits the bedroom door which was unlocked.

So he used his key huh?

"I-I...umm...y-you see...t-there was this sighting of a UFO nearby and I wanted to check it out and talk to the witnesses!"I say with an odd tone trying to be innocent or at least have the last remains of it.I give him a sheepishly smile and nervously scratch my head.Bad mistake.Next thing you know,I'm running down the stairs with an angry Iwaizumi following close behind me.I let out a loud scream when I feel him grasp at my wrist as I was about to get out of the house half naked.With a single hand he pins both of my hands above my head making me defenseless.I tightly close my eyes and await my punishment.A second later I felt a harsh burning on my forehead from him flicking me.I let out a yelp and pout opening my eyes once again."Your so mean Hajime!"I say childishly making him chuckle and kiss my forehead as a form of apology.

He smirks and looks directly at me making me blush,"I know this is early my ugly garbage can but I love you"I ignore the fact that he called me an ugly garbage can because let's be honest.I'll be a fabulous garbage can!I smile widely before planting a kiss on his lips making him bring me in closer by grabbing my behind and giving it a good squeeze making me yelp out and slap his chest."I love you too"I whisper as we press out foreheads together."Go put a shirt on before you drive me crazy"He says and pokes my side.I slap his hand which made him chuckle,"Why don't you show me your crazy side?"I seductively say which made Iwaizumi glare at me as I went up the stairs and put on a shirt.

That day we spent it together with no worries because we were in each others arms laughing,talking and giving each other kisses.As long as we're in each others lives,I guess we will be okay.




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