Ice Baths are Torture

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Hey everyone! Ok so this is my Shaun White fanfic mixed with gymnastics... if anyone wants to help with the snowboarding tricks that would be amazing!!!! I'm also going to make Shaun about 20 at the beginning... I know I'm changing his age but it's for the good of the story!


Erin's POV

Once again, I walked back to the orphanage from the gym. I'm an orphan. Have been for exactly 6 months. So to celebrate the "memorable occasion", I punished myself by doing 8 hours at the gym with 3 of those being dedicated strictly to conditioning. And because of all the work, I get to do a 25 minute ice bath *cue clapping*.

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Erin. Erin Miller. You might have heard of me. I'm a gymnast who "has the top spot secured on the team to London" as the announcers say. I'm only 13 though. But apparently I'm that good. I turn 14 in September. September 14 to be exact.

So as I walked in the front doors of the orphanage, I slumped up the stairs to drop my gym bag off. But just as I was heading back upstairs from getting the ice I needed, I was called back down. By Mary. Mary is normally pretty nice but when you are in trouble, she gives you no mercy. "Erin why don't you come back down here?" she called.

"Sorry but ice bath time" I shouted back. But apparently she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Come down here right now. I'm sure your ice will be just as frozen once we are finished" She called back.

So once again I slumped down the stairs dropping the container of ice back in the freezer as Mary guided me to the office. Crap. You only go into the office when you are in deep trouble or someone is looking to adopt a kid. We stopped right outside the door. And in my ear, she whispered, "Behave, these people want to adopt a teenage girl."

At that point I started worrying about how I looked. I mean I just got back from 8 hours at the gym. I had a sweaty leo on underneath my t shirt that you could see through. And then I had on a pair of old running shorts and a pair of chalky slides. Worst of all was my hair. It was all ratty and piled on top of my head with a headband keeping most of the sweat-drenched pieces off of my face.

But oh well. I stepped into the office anyway. And I saw a middle-aged couple sitting there looking at me expectantly. And before I knew it, words were flowing out of my mouth, "I'm so sorry. I just got back from the gym and I was supposed to take an ice bath. I'm Erin"

"Hi sweetie, I'm Cathy and this is my husband Roger." She held out her hand for me to shake, which I promptly did. I really wanted to make a good impression. Cathy and Roger asked me many questions and soon I lost my stiff demeanor melting back into my crazy, joking self. And after about half an hour of getting to know each other, Mary asked me to step out of the room.

I sat outside the room quietly on the floor, trying not to eavesdrop. I remember Cathy telling me that they have three other children, the youngest turning 20 soon. She also said that their youngest was a pro athlete.

After sitting outside the room for about 20 minutes, Mary asked me to step inside again. I was praying good news. And then Cathy asked one of the best questions ever. "How would you like to join our family Erin?"

And for the first time since the accident, I grinned.

"Now how about that ice bath?" Mary asked after we worked out the details of when they were going to pick me up. So tonight I had to get packed because an hour after I get back tomorrow, they were going to pick me up. I don't think that I've ever enjoyed an ice bath that much.

Shaun's POV

So I got back from the skate park at around 2. I showered and saw that my parents had left a note for me on the counter.

"Shaun, went to go run an errand be back by 4 at the latest."

So with nothing better I flipped on the tv. Right when I was about to change the channel to ESPN, something caught my eye. It looked like a documentary. Something about gymnasts preparing for the Olympic Trials. I decided it wouldn't hurt to watch. I saw a girl who couldn't be no older than 12 flip her way through as it appeared to me to be a jam packed floor routine. And after they announced the name, "Erin Miller", I decided to look her up on youtube. And holy cow! She was amazing and is trying to be the youngest competitor in the summer olympics. All I can say is wow.

And then my parents got home. They said they called Jesse and Kari over cause they have some huge announcement. And boy when they announced it after dinner, it shocked all three of us. They were going to adopt! A thirteen year old girl who was as they put it "extremely athletic". And then they launched into how they were going to turn Jesse's old room into hers. And after that I just tuned stuff out getting ready to watch some reruns of Family Guy.


So there you go llamacorns! The first chapter of "The Smallest White"

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I would really like some constructive criticism.


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