Character Introductions

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Lapis Lazuli is a very perky girl who likes to swim and hang out on the beach. She has some friends, such as Pearl, Amethyst, Jasper (Jasper is gonna be nice in this story kay) Ruby and Sapphire. Many would call her crazy sometimes but that just added to her personality, which does gain some attention by others, but ignores it and just goes along her own business. Lapis lives with her mom, Azurite Lazuli, and she has been there for Lapis whenever possible.

Peridot Diamond is a high intelligent person, she greatly elevated more than her classmates could, but that gained negative attention. Many would call her a nerd, a freak which was well known when she was in elementary school, even earned her bullying. Her mother, Yellow Diamond, was a very busy woman so she was gone most of the time, paying little attention to Peridot, and not being there for Peridot. As a result, Peridot is very secluded from others, keeping to only herself. Jasper and Peridot came from the same elementary school so she knows what Peridot is going through

When these two meet, what could happen on the first encounter?


Okay this is just a character/ main plot introduction! Real chapters coming though! Hopefully you guys will like this!

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