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I heard footsteps outside the room, the familiar face appearing in the doorway. 

The persons eyes widened, realizing I was there, running across the room to take the thing I had been staring at for the past hour and a half away from my sight. The person looked at it, then looked at me, the mouth opening and closing, dumbfounded, shocked. 

"Is it true?" I asked silently, not even able to look at the persons face.

But I didn't have to ask, I knew it was, simply by the fact I'd spent this whole time trying to figure out a way it couldn't be true. I was smart. At least now, my eyes finally open to what was in front of me. 

"Ruby.." the person put it down and walked towards me, while I stayed glued to the chair I had been sitting in, "I can explain, I swear."

I shook my head, smiling while I felt something inside of me break: "no, you can't, only she can."

Part of me wanted to hear it, part of me never wanted to leave, part of me still thought this wasn't true and it could be fixed. That part of me still loved her. This silly, naive part of me had to be destroyed, burned, buried, shot, beaten. 

I got up from the chair, wiping my face: "but I won't be here to hear it."

I walked past the person: "is there anything I can do for you?"

I turned around, looking in the persons eyes, seeing the sadness, sincerity, guilt in them. 

"Tell her if she ever steps near me," I smiled to myself, a tear trailing down my cheek, "I'll make sure she doesn't leave alive."


I walked in the school as confident as ever, with my boyfriend and friends by my side. I greeted everyone on the way to my locker. 

"See you at lunch Ruby!" my co-captain, Tiff said, walking away with the rest of the squad which consisted of a few cheerleaders from my team, also Kevins football players. 

"See you!" I smiled, waving at them as I opened my locker.

"Hey, babe, I won't be able to make it to lunch today," Kevin said, seemingly uneasy. 

"Why?" I furrowed my brows. He had been missing our lunch quite frequently. 

"Just have an extra practice, you know, all that stuff," he mumbled, "anyways, I'll pick you up after practice."

He quickly kissed me, walking away before I could even say a thing. Sad to say, but this was how we were everyday.

I walked to class, sitting in my usual spot, hearing the bell ring, but still drawing random little things in my notebook. 

"Class, we have a new student," Mr Lake said, but I still kept on drawing, "want to introduce yourself?"

"Sure," a confident voice said, and I could feel the persons eyes on me, "thought I'd rather do that when everyone is listening."

That's when my head snapped up, it wasn't hard to tell she was talking about me, since Mr Lake was smiling at her remark and everyone in the class pretty much glared at me. 

"Sorry," I cleared my throat, looking at her apologetically, "you have my full attention."

"Oh, that I don't doubt at all," she smirked, winking at me. 

The whole class went completely silent, so did I. Did the new girl just openly flirt with me?

But now that she had gotten my attention, I couldn't help but stare at her. She looked as stunning as one could, pretty much a copy of Ruby Rose. Don't judge me, even straight people watch OITNB. She gave off the  mysterious badass vibe. 

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