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Today I woke up with a smile on my face and I quickly took a shower and dressed in some high waisted shorts with a crop top and some dirty black chucks.

I made my way downstairs and ate my breakfast and sprinted out the door.

I ran towards Dakotas house and barged in without knocking.

"DAKOTA!" I yelled while I ran up stairs and rushed in his room. I slammed the door open but I heard snores.

I smiled to myself and saw half of his body hanging off the bed with his mouth apart and his hair in a mess with his hand resting ontop of his hair. He was shirtless so I saw that nice beautiful six pack and he was in some boxers.

He's disgusting. Why do you have a crush on him instead of mate? My wolf Audrey said.

Would you be quite, I'm going to scare him. I said rolling my eyes.


I slowly walked up to him and got to the edge of the bed.

He has no idea.

I squatted and then jumped. I jumped up as a star and landed right on top of him. He sucked in a breath and right away his hands wrapped around me.

"W-what the fûck!" He said in a deep sexy morning voice.

I chuckled, "Get up alpha, we have duties to attend to." I said smirking.

He opens his eyes and blinks a few times. "What the fûck are you doing here Jenna?" He said pushing me off and getting up.

"My parents already left to the pack house and so did you parents and Maddox's. Everyone is up expect for you. So get up."

He gave me a sloppy smile and rubbed his eyes. "I'm already up."

"Yeah. Thanks to me. Now hurry up, I want to go walk around like a Luna." I said sitting at the edge of his bed.

"What ever." Then he walked off to the bathroom and shut the door close.


Maddox and Dakota walked infront of me with their chest puffed out and I walked behind their tall figures. I tried to get in the middle but they would always close the gap.

I sighed and walked behind. We walked around the town, while people said 'hello', or 'good after noon'.

Alpha Zeke, came early in the afternoon with his Beta Ajax and his third command Blaze, with their mates.

Their pack would always start a war. They would always start one when they have a chance. So them coming here for our wisdom would help them dearly for a smart plan.

Something is coming. And it's coming fast.
Audrey said. I frowned my eyebrows.


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