Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

I missed him, there was no point in denying that, everyone knew, they thought I was pathetic. I know it's sad and cliche... but I felt like I needed him. His presense made it better.

   ‘Alex, can I turn off the air conditioning?’ I asked, she nodded, I turned it down and wiped my tears.  Dammit! Not again...

   ‘Are you okay?’ she asked, I nodded

   ‘Thanks, is Carl still at your house’

   ‘No, he’s at his house’

   ‘Good, so we can talk’ I smiled

   'And listen to Taylor Swift' she laughed, I nodded

   ‘Should I tell him I miss him?’ I asked, I looked up at her from where I had been inspecting my nails

   ‘When you’re ready, you should. First I think you should think about it.' she nodded, then paused and continued 'Amelie? Can I ask you something?’ I nodded

   ‘Sure…’ I said, warily.

   ‘What happened with Jared?’ she asked. My breath caught in my throat until I coughed.

   ‘He brought Vodka, I threatened I’d tell and he hit me’

   ‘You idiot!’ she laughed ‘You don’t do that! Oh my God! Well done, though for standing up for what you thought was right. I’m glad you’re okay though’

   ‘Yeah. I know…’ I sighed ‘thanks, kind of...’

   ‘Look you’re fine now, it’s the past, time to move on.’

     Later Alex dropped me back to Brandon’s house.

   ‘What are you doing back here?’ Brandon demanded when he opened the door and saw me there, awkwardly playing with my phone, pretending to text.

   ‘I don’t particularly want to get in trouble either’ I pointed out. He shrugged and stepped aside to let me in. I sat beside Joshua on the couch and Tiger jumped up beside me.

   ‘Tiger hasn’t stopped whining since you left’ Brandon told me. I nodded

   ‘You’re feeling better..’ I said pointedly, 

   ‘Not really’ he said, leaving the room. I rolled my eyes and went outside. I picked up Tiger's squeaky toy and ran up the garden, loudly singing “Can‘t touch this!” since the dog couldn’t get the toy. Then singing “At last” when he finally got it. Sometimes I was such a weirdo. But I was in a singing kind of mood.

   ‘Yay, puppy! You got it!’ I exclaimed running after him to get the toy. It felt like the only person I could talk to in the house was the dog. That could have been the most depressing sentance I have ever heard.


I walked into the kitchen to get some popcorn and Coke. I looked out side and saw Amelie and Tiger running around out side. He snapped his toy away from her. She clapped her hands and started randomly singing the chorus of “At Last”. It reminded me of when she’d unconsciously sing along to the radio in the car or when she'd sing in the shower, when I was over and she didn't know I could hear or when we were younger and she’d sing for everyone at the party our parents would throw. Her voice was sweet, as I remembered. 

   ‘Yay, puppy! You got it!’ she cheered and chased the dog for the toy.