The Final Results

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Dear All,

Thank you all for participating in this year's first awards. You are the people that made this all work! There were over 2.8 million votes and there were 3,000+ users nominated in the first round. This truly has been an amazing awards, and thank you for sticking with us through the highs and lows of this year's awards.

What are the 'points total'? We run all of the books nominated through an algorithm which takes into account various scenarios and statistics and it weights this data to come out with the three winners fairly. The combined total is the number of the three winning stories came out with when added together. It just gives people an idea of roughly how competitive each genre was! (It is possible that a story got the most votes cast but didn't even place inside the top three - it did happen in a couple of cases).

But now, it's time to get onto the part you all want to hear. It's time to celebrate. All winners will be messaged with the sticker to add to their stories, if they wish to add it! The 2016 Fiction Awards are officially over. And, until next year, we say goodbye! (The contests will continue, though!). However, since it's Christmas, please allow us a few days to give us time to send you all the links for stickers.

NOTE: Results are in no particular order.

Congratulations all!


The Winners

Best International Story Winners

Painter by snowflakesx3

Kitten by xiumeh

101 Roses by LovelyOga

Combined Points Total: 133,032,751

Best Action Story Winners

Badass Nerd Can Fight by trinitystories_xo 

Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. by jr0127

Notorious by hepburnettes

Combined Points Total: 7,642,124 

Best Adventure Story Winners

In 27 Days by honorintherain

No Capes by joecool123

Roommates With A Super Villain by catastrophes

Combined Points Total: 8,232,542

Best Paranormal Story Winners

A Love Of Down Lives Sunset After Sunset by ShawonEric

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