Chapter One

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Chapter One

“And so…Sendorai sacrificed himself for our planet Maviz. His orb glows in the very centre of our planet, keeping us all alive and in a beautiful balance. The five packs originating from the five kingdoms then came together to live in peace and harmony. And of course, they lived happily ever after. The end.”

Chris felt his lips twitch into the ghost of a smile as he whispered out loud, “Another story please, Mommy.”

The sound of his own croaky voice immediately woke him up fully and he gazed a bit blankly in front of him, his eyesight blurry and hazy, unregistering the blur of dull colours. It took a second for him to remember where he was and as usual, he felt like his entire world had come to abrupt end.

He clenched his eyes shut with pain. He might have been stuck here for as long as he could remember but the memory of losing his mother and siblings at a young age was forever imprinted in his mind.

The drugs the weres in white had pumped into his system made him so weak that all he could do was blink blearily, lying flat on his stomach on the cold cemented floor of his cell, staring out through the thick electrified bars at the white lights and sky blue walls of where his cell room was. There were three cells in this little room; his was in the middle of the other two. The other two cells also occupied alphas like him and from what Chris could tell from the times he’d been removed from his cell for whatever it was they used him for; the place was made up of mostly alpha prisoners.

The weres in white – he knew they were werewolves – had their scents masked, so he couldn’t tell what gender they were.

It didn’t matter anyway. Chris knew he was going to die in this hellhole sooner or later. There were so many times he came so close to dying, to just giving up, but those fucking weres made it their jobs to keep him alive for constant torture.

“Ah, Chris you’re such an energetic child! Look, your brothers and sister are asleep and you want another story? I’ve already told you two.”

Chris felt his hand clench into a weak fist. He was floating in and out of consciousness and one of the things keeping him sane was the sound of his mother’s voice, clear as day in his memories. He couldn’t remember what she looked like, could only remember her beautiful thick brown hair and big blue eyes, much like his own. But his were cold now and devoid of life.

In his mind’s eye, his mother blazed, like an angel sent from heaven. Her entire body was covered in a kind golden glow and she emitted warmth that Chris could swear heated his bones even through his imagination.

His eyes were already drooping again, ready to put him into another bout of unconsciousness when the feel of his cell shaking violently on its foundation had his eyes shooting wide open in shock and panic.

He could only let out a rough moan when the ceiling suddenly cracked and fell open, alarms blasting, the sound of weres screaming and yelling from outside his cell room and Chris had to blink more than a number of times to make sure that the bars in front of him were indeed crushed by nearly half of the ceiling.

His second hand curled into a fist to join the first and he could feel his heart beating like rapid fire underneath his ribcage. His vision was still hazy but his mind had suddenly sharpened, telling him that something had exploded, gone wrong in this ugly place. It was like one of his dreams had suddenly come true.

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