Chapter 2: The song

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Chapter 2: The song

"Can I come in yet, Mr B?"

She says standing with one hand on her hip.

"Oh" She says as she see's the class staring at her.

"Class, this is Lexa, the new student"

The principle says looking at our shocked expressions.

No one says a thing for about 2 minutes, and we all just stare.

Slowly a boy in year 7 stands up, "But sir, she's a girl...girls can't fight" He says staring at the principle as if he was a lunatic.

She rolls her eyes, "That's a bit sexist, just because all girls have to train to be nurses doesn't mean I couldn't fight any better than any one of you, imbeciles" She says glaring at us, as if daring us to tell her otherwise.

"Not everyone" Frank from year 8 says, she turns her glare to him.

"Why's that?!"

" I mean" He stammers, "if your as good as you think you are, then your probably right about being better than most of us, but no ones better than Rory" He says.

Knowing all eyes had turned to me, I quickly avoided everyone's gaze and stared out the window.

"Well Rory must be extremely gifted" She says not particularly looking at me since she mustn't have worked out who I was.

The principle, Mr B clears his throat,

"As I was saying, Lexa is here for a reason, not just because she threw a tantrum when she got assigned a nurse role"

A year 8 called Rob quickly raises his hand, "Did you cry really loud or something" He asks.

Her hard look leaves her face and

Is replaced with a puzzled one, "What do you mean?"

"Everyone knows the way to get what you want with Nurse Freya is to cry"

The rest of the guys nod in agreement.

I turn and look out the window.

"No, I just......well.... I" She say clearly not wanting to say what happened.

"She persuaded them" I hear, coming from my mouth.

As soon as I said it I almost hit myself, but there was no going back.

Everyone turns to me.

But I don't look at any of them.

But this girl was the most intriguing person I have ever meet.

She was a normal height, normal build, but had this I'm-totally-not-normal feel about her.

However the most intriguing thing about her was her hair.

Her hair was a couple of centimetres below her chest, and was incredibly wavy.

Did I mention her hair is blonde.

"Good observation, almost exactly what happened" she said walking towards me.

As she gets closer she whispers, "thanks"

"Mr B......I'm sitting here" She say plonking herself down next to me.

He looks startled and simply nods.

Then whispers something to the teacher.

"Alright soldiers, lets go back to reading" He say as he leaves the room.

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