Chapter 1: 30 years ago

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Chapter 1: 30 years ago

"And that is how the different states, became one" My English teacher says in a fake enthusiastic tone.

Only what he says isn't the truth. And although it's read robotically by the unwilling teachers, into every student's brain that walks through the front gates.

Everyone here knows the truth.

And no amount of brain washing from the master-heads will change our thoughts on them, or there city of "happiness" and "equality".

After the speech that joined us together, our states were split into smaller parts.

And a new rule was enforced.

I guess you could say it would be the most stupid rule ever, but the leader of the master-heads insisted that all blonde's were to be killed.

So instead of people telling the ruler "NO! YOUR STUPID AND I WON'T KILL MY BROTHER!"

They killed there brothers, and sister's and mothers, oh and lets not forget the fathers. Because everyone was and are scared of the rulers, who are known as the master-heads.

However my mother didn't want to kill me, along with many other mothers who had children with blonde hair.

So hair dye was invented.

And it's so annoying having to spend $20 eery couple of months, just to keep your hair looking naturally a different colour.

Yeah that's right, I'm blonde.... or at least I was.

I have black hair now.

Damn government.

Yes the war against the other states stopped. But that was when the reign of the stupid begun.

I sigh and look out the window. That was 30 years ago.

And still nothing's changed.

The government/ master-heads are still stupid.

But they never teach us that at school.

All they teach us is to obey and do everything we can to protect the master-heads, and not to hesitate doing so. They train us to be soldiers, to either go to war against the other countries or work for the big city where the master-heads live.

We learn to shoot and dodge the hardest of bullets.

Although, most of us don't get the chance to learn, because once a bullet goes through you...your dead. Unfortantly this means after your first lesson at school, only 10 out of your 30 classmates live. Luckily we have 2 classes, so really that's about 20 years sevens.

But as the years go on, the more students depart.

Which means because of the shortage of students in the high school years, we are all crowded into the 2 different classes at a time.

For example, grades 1,2,3,4,5,6, are in one room. And then years 7,8,9,10 are in the other.

The year 11's, take a year off school to do a teaching course so by year 12 they are ready to teach for a year.

Then after the year of teaching us they have one more year of training to get there physical fitness back up.

And then you leave, for the big city.

This is why all our teachers are really young.

Except for our principle, who finished being a solider long ago.

Did I mention that girls aren't aloud to be soldiers......the lucky things get trained to be nurses, but they go through the same pain as we do.

Despite the many that do die while learning how to drag people from houses filled with chemical gas or speed racing in ambulances to get to the injured person.

There are still many more girls than boys.

Which I suppose is ok, because it means you have hardly any competition in getting a girlfriend.

But with girls who practically drool over the site of any boy, it makes every boys ego go up by a kilometre.

"Rory, what did I just say"

The teacher says, looking at me with a hard expression.

But I kept my bored face on.

"Kiss my........."

However I was cut off, as the door to my class room opened.

The whole class looks up, because it is rare someone interrupts.

And when they do, its usually important.

"Go ahead Rory, I dare you to finish that sentence"

My principle says, giving me the evil eye.

My minds blanks a little and the class holds the breath.

"Nah, I don't want to waste your precious time by using my breath for something that I'm going to regret in a minute and forget in a hour"

I say, shrugging my shoulders, but inside my head. I'm celebrating my quick thinking.

He raises his eyebrow but you can see his trying not to laugh.

"Your definitely something different, Storm"

He says shaking his head.

"Mr Gunny" He softly whispers, "we have a new year 10 joining"

He then turns his head and sees how close we are watching him. So he drops his voice even lower.

We sigh and then mumble between each other.

A new year 10 is something very different.

The only new people we ever get are grade 1's, because no one is aloud to travel to different states.

"WHAT!" Our teacher exclaims. But hurriedly goes back to whispering.

Sighing we get settled back to reading about roof to roof jumping, but we steal glances towards the teachers every so often.

After a while, both of them straighten up and face the class.

"Alright guys, settle down" Mr Gunny says.

"As you have probably heard we have a new student.

There in year 10 and have transferred from Queensland"

He says as we look at each other excitingly.

Queensland was once known for its beautiful beaches, but after the master-heads turned up, its know known for its specialty in making guns.

'Yes!' I think, 'they might give me a run down on what guns are most dangerous and which to have by your side during battle'

And then she walked in.


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