Chapter 4: Brothers

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Chapter 4: Brothers

"I hope you understand the seriousness of this, Rory" Mr B said looking at me sternly.

"And the fact it was a teacher makes it even worse!"

"But what's the difference! He was in my class 2 year ago!"

I try to tell him.

"Exactly Rory, he was part of your class...2 years ago! I think you'll find his not the same person inside, his more..... mature"

He says proudly.

And my head cocks to the side in fake confusion.

"This is Frank we are talking about.... remember?"

"Yes Rory, I remember who we are talking about, and trust me, his changed in some ways"

"But his still the same heartless jerk, right?" I say back, a bit cautiously.

He just shakes his head at me.

"If you could just tell me what actually happened, than all this will be over in a shot of a bullet" He said playing with his pistol.

"So if I tell you what happens, you shoot me?" I say, raising one eyebrow.

"I thought soldiers had to show some mercy?"

"It's a figure of speech, Rory!" He snaps back.

"What? Showing mercy or the thing about killing me?" I say, confused.

He just glares.

And I know if I push him any further, there will be a lot of detentions coming my way.

So I slowly stand up.

"He just meddled with my past, during the present time" I said, hoping to sound as cryptic as possible.

He sighs and waves me towards the door.

"I don't have the time or the energy to do this again, Rory"

I nod my head and walk towards the door.


"Yes, Mr B?"

"Friday free time, your with Coach John in the green room..........detention"

He says, and I quickly escape through the door, hearing it bang against something as it opens.

"Ouch!" Says a voice. And I look down to see a familiar looking girl, rubbing her head, while sitting on the floor.

I smirk and help her up.

"If your going to eavesdrop, you should at less do it right"

She looks at me with fake anger and replies, "Well if you just told me what happened, I wouldn't need to eavesdrop"

The playfulness drops from my face and I walk away.

But she catches up, "Rory, I was kidding"

I sigh and stare at the bullet I still have in my hand.

"Haha.....yeah" I say.

She sighs and looks at her timetable.

"We have recess now, are you going to eat?"

I look at her and roll my eyes.

"Your kidding right?"

She laughs and punches my arm softly.

"Just joking! Who in the right mind wouldn't want to miss boiled vegetables with steak!"

We both laugh and walk towards the dinner room.

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