He And She Collides

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Kabanata I

He ran his fingers through my broad chest.

His lips found my nipples.

He nibbled it, while his own is pointing at my butt's hole.

I never imagined I would do this. Yes, but definitely not with a gay guy and not with someone as maniac as Callios Knight.

Who would've?

"Ahhh-hahh... Uhh..."

When I'm a straight guy...

"No!" he removed my hands when I was about to reach my manhood to self support for my own pleaure.

forced to be a slave for one dark secret?

"Now, Rui, sinusubukan mo ba talaga ako?" it was his commanding voice that really creeps the hell out of me.

But hell can I do about it?

I'm literally in hell.

Phone ringing.

Hindi niya pinansin.

"Callios... Ahhh it hurts! Can you fvcking slow down?!"

Needless to say, a huge manhood penetrating a virgin as*hole is indeed painful.

It tears.

Really really tears.

Phone ringing.

From going on a bent position, hinatak niya ako so I was forced to sit in his lap, his own still stuck on my hole, my back facing his sight but didn't prevented his tongue from roaming every inch of my naked body he can reach out.

I panned my head back.

It was a mixed of passion and torture.

I can't even please myself.

I'm restrained to do what he don't want me to.

This whole ocassion hurts.

Phone ringing.


He cursed.

Answered the phone but left it on a speaker mode.

He went back to business.

Nibbling on my chest.

Touching me everywhere but there.


"Oh fvck."

I heard him mumbled as he continued his journey.

Ahhh.. it feels so good.

Yet it hurts.

He pumped hard that I almost squirmed in pain.

Kung hindi lang sana ako maririnig ng nasa kabilang linya.

I could've screamed.

"You know that was my job! Fvck you, Callios! You stole my job and now someone's blaming me for your fault! You're going too far!"

Now that I've heard it...

Her voice is familliar.

Just like hers...

"Hnnnnn... Ah shit! AHHHH!"

He was doing it hard.

Though I adjusted with the pain, it still hurts.

"What the hell? Tito Cal?"

"Go away, bitch. I'm already fvcking."

She slammed the phone down.

I heard laughs from Callios.

It wasn't the first time i heard of that woman.

I never knew why...

I tried reaching for my own.

Hinampas niya kamay ko.

But he's the one who held it.

It felt good...


I was almost there.

When suddenly...

The door opens.

A girl came.

Shut the door.

"Ahhhh-hhaaahhh... Stop, stop, stop! Ahhh!"

The time I reached my zenith.

And she heard it.


What am I gonna do?

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